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Pontiac Solstice Aluminum Dash Kit Promotions

Pontiac Solstice aluminum dash kits by Rdash are the smart choice for anyone driving a leased vehicle, wanting to retain the resale value of their car or simply wants to keep the option to change the aesthetic of their ride. Just ask anyone who has bought a car with a “factory” trim kit installed how difficult it can be to cover an aging kit. With Rvinyl’s selection of aluminum and diamond plate dash trim kits you’ll never have to regret your decision because you can always change your mind and start again. Rdash is the only aluminum trim kit on the market designed to be removed without damaging your interior!

Installing these ultra-thin accessories may seem like a simple process but you’ll want to review our detailed installation instructions and videos before you jump in and get started. If, once you reviewed the installation guides and watched our instructional materials, you still need help we have customer service agents standing by on chat and phone seven days a week and you can email us 24/7 for support after business hours. We are dedicated to helping your customize your interior one project at a time, nothing upgrades the look of your ride like a custom dash kit made from some of the most beautiful metal materials around.

At Rvinyl, our success depends on your success so we offer a number of recommended tools and products to help you, many of which you can bundle with your dash kit purchase for ease of ordering and additional savings. We generally recommend that customers purchase surface cleaning and preparation products such as Rapid Prep as well as installation tools such as Squeegees with Friction Sleeves to ensure a quick and straightforward install. Not sure if it will stick? Add a 3M Primer 94 pen to insure adhesion from a leading manufacturer to your order.

At Rvinyl we understand that online buyers want to know as much as they can about a product so they can make informed decisions. A large part of that is determined by the quality of the images and video provided which is why we are constantly creating new product videos and reviews of all of the items we carry by means of our instant rebate program. Simply send us a minimum of four, large photos of your Pontiac Solstice's installation and we will review them and, if approved, issue you up to a $20 rebate refund. Spread the love and save some cash and let other auto enthusiasts share in your project, we will even share them on Facebook and create a slideshow for Youtube of your hard work and stunning results.