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BMW carbon fiber hood bras are a unique custom product that will give you an aggressive, athletic look that will have people stopping you on the street to ask where you got yours. In addition, these hood bra kits provide a level of protection from dust, bug hits and UV radiation and are much less expensive than leather or "pleather" alternatives.

BMW hood bras are made with ultra-realistic, embossed carbon fiber film that is specially fabricated with air release technology to prevent the formation of bubbles and speed along installation. Available both as precut bra kits which are made-to-order according to your year, make and model specifications or as 60-inch wide hood wraps which can be ordered in varying lengths, puts the power back in your hands.

When you choose your BMW hood bra accessory you should definitely take a quick inventory of the application tools you have at the ready. If you can't even find a squeegee in your garage you're ging to want to pick up a few tools and fluids before attempting installation. For your convenience we offer application kits bundled with our carbon fiber hood bras as well as razors, squeegees and fluids for purchase a la carte to make your life easier while offering you maximum savings.

BMW hood bra installation can be a time-consuming task and may require a two person approach simply due to the size of the kits. Because these bras are the width of your vehicle's hood you will want to do some planning before you simply peel it off the liner and slap it on your ride. This is why we suggest that you review our selection of installation videos and written guides so you know all of the tips and tricks before you even take the hood shield out of the tube.