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R24 Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Blue (Dark)

R24 Blue Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film is a Blue 3D embossed and textured film engineered for extreme wrapping. This is the most realistic film and comparable to 3M DiNoc, only with a 3 year rated outdoor life! Whether you need a sheet or a roll of this Carbon Fiber Blue film you will not be disappointed with its excellent wrap capabilities. Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-carbon-fiber-0002
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Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film Application Instructions

Carbon Fiber VinyFilm

Heat Conformable Carbon Fiber Wrap

Durable 3D Carbon Fiber

Removable Textured Carbon Fiber Vinyl
What is R24 Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Blue (Dark) Wrap?
This Rwrap film is a textured Carbon Fiber vinyl, it has an embossed 3D Carbon Fiber Twill Weave that you can see and feel.  It is sold by the sheet and can be applied to just about any hard interior or exterior surface.  This series film is recommend for simple to extreme curves. It is a perfect finish match for our Rdash Carbon Fiber Dash Kit lines.

What size do I need?
This series film measures 24" wide and varies by length, enough to cover most OEM vehicle applications, although it can be applied to any relatively hard non-porous surface. We do offer R60 which is 60" wide and can be used for single piece applications on your hood, fender, roof an trunk.

How do I install Rwrap R24 Carbon Fiber Films?
The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our installation video at the top of this page. Although it showcases our R60 Carbon Fiber series film, the installation techniques are the same. Installing Rwrap R24 Carbon Fiber Film can be significantly less expensive than installing a Genuine Carbon Fiber Accessory.
  > Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer.
  > Depends on whether the hood has complex curves, protrusions or is compounded.
  > Depends on if the proper installation tools and fluids are used.
  > Depends on whether the installer is familiar with heat stretching film.

Rwrap R24 Carbon Fiber Film application tools do you recommend?
All of them. Installation can be difficult and the tools we sell help guarantee results.
  > The application squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the film.  
  > Low friction sleeves prevent "squeegee scratches." 
  > Rapid Prep removes any dirt or debris from your application area.
  > Rapid Tac will aide in the wet application of our carbon fiber film.
  > Rapid Clear will act as a finishing agent and polish on all Rwraps.
  > Seal-It Pens are used to seal the edges of all our vinyl films.

Do you offer a warranty on
R24 Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Blue (Dark) Wraps?
We offer a limited warranty of 3 years. We guarantee that the film not fade, peel, crack, bubble or turn a different shade when installed by a licensed professional. It is comparable to 3M DiNoc, however unlike DiNoc (1 year outdoor life) this film this is rated for a 3 year outdoor life.

Does Rwrap R24 Carbon Fiber Film have a glossy finish?
It has a sheen to it, however much like genuine carbon fiber it does not have a high gloss finish.

Is the surface durable?

When applied correctly to the appropriate hard surface the vinyl film is very durable, UV stable and scratch resistant.

Will R24 Carbon Fiber Vinyl - Blue (Dark) Wraps fade in the sun?
No, it is coated with a UV protective layer which will last up to three years outdoors.

Can it be cleaned?

Yes, once applied and bonded to your surface you may clean it and polish it with such things Armor All or any type of cleaning agent that is Acetate free. We recommend the use of Rapid Clear for maintaining your Rwrap.