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Dodge carbon fiber wrap kits are made from a 3D embossed carbon fiber vinyl. These carbon fiber sheets are sold in 12", 24" and 60" widths that can be used in a variety of wrap projects needing a carbon fiber finish. If you are looking for a little more bling bling than projector headlights, CF wraps are the answer. Dodge carbon fiber wrap kits can be used to create a carbon fiber hood or even a full carbon fiber wrapped vehicle! With a warranted three year outdoor life, Rwraps beat 3M DiNoc carbon fiber film hands down.

Dodge carbon vinyl wraps let you customize just about any part of your vehicle without ever having to remove the part! This removable carbon film is manufactured to allow for temporary projects or semi-permanent installations that are warranty backed. Learn how to wrap your vehicle the right way using Rwrap kits and get the carbon fiber hood you have been dreaming of while still keeping some green in your pocket.

Dodge carbon wraps are a mere .0042 inches thick and allow for seamless applications to even the most extreme curved surfaces. From fenders to grilles to interior dash applications, the only thing limiting this CF film is your imagination. With a complete line of add-on tools, wrapping your vehicle has never been easier or more economical.

If you can apply a decal you can install Rdash Dodge. But, before you run out and slap a dash kit on your car please take the time to read through our surface preparation and installation guidelines. Although the process is straight forward you will want to familiarize yourself with the tips and tricks of the trade before starting