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Chrysler Crossfire SHIFTERS & SHIFT BOOTS



Chrysler Crossfire shifter knobs and boots are great accessories that can completely change the look of any interior. The right shifter knob can make the difference between a car that feels like a real street racer and a boring, daily driver. You've put too much time into your ride to slack on the details now so man up (or woman up as the case may be) and pick up the right shifter accessories today.

Shift boots for your Chrysler Crossfire are available in great styles to complement any interior and are specially designed to work with any shifter configuration. Choose from our red or blue stitched suede shift boots and enhance the feel of your interior today. These are great add-on accessories when purchasing our race-inspired steering wheels and dash trim kits as they really put the finishing touches on your custom-tuned cabin.

Chrysler Crossfire shifter knobs are the logical choice for anyone considering one of our shifter boots. We have taken the time to pre-select a selection of replacement knobs that accentuate our other interior accessories and this is especially true with the red-stitched manual shifter knob we carry which is made by Spec-D Tuning and available for a price you won't believe.

Spec-D Tuning is known not only for their wide variety of custom automotive accessories but for producing detailed installation videos for all of their products. At we understand just how important having good installation guides is for the DIY enthusiast which is why we are excited to have teamed up with such a customer-centric company. Don't see instructions or video for a product you're interested in? Let us know and we can usually come up with an install guide in a matter of days.