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Volkswagen Beetle CUSTOM DASH KITS


Volkswagen Beetle are made to order for you in the color or finish of your choice. Precut to follow the contours of your vehicle’s interior as accent trim that won’t completely hide the OEM panels, these kits furnish an expensive custom look without the associated costs.

Unlike traditional polyurethane kits, Rdash Volkswagen Beetle can be removed any time, without causing permanent damage to your interior. Enhance the interior of your ride in under an hour with our step-by-step "How to Install a Dash Kit" video series.

Volkswagen Beetle custom dash kits can be designed in over forty different finishes including wood grain and carbon fiber. Whether you want a diamond plate or chrome custom kit, Rdash can design one for just about any Volkswagen Beetle submodel.

Rvinyl is proud to offer the most generous photo rebate program in the industry. All we ask is that you submit at least four photos of a minimum of 1024 by 685 pixels in size of your custom dash kit after it has been installed. Once you submit them we will review them and, if and when they are approved, you will receive an instant refund of up to $20!

Featured Reviews
4 out of 5
"I installed this product in my 2000 Beetle and would rate the quality of the decals as 4 out of 5. They look fantastic and protect your trim from scratches very well.

I have a few things to mention for those who would consider installing this kit. The radio has a security system LED on the upper right side. The radio decal had a hole for this LED, but it was on the left side. Perhaps some models of beetle have the LED on the left?

The Beetle has a power outlet in the center e-brake console and the decal was a tight fit around the power outlet. Because of this, the rest of the decal couldn't move to line up with other parts of the console without modifications. If I were to do this job again, it would be best to make the power outlet hole a couple centimeters larger before removing the decal from the backing strip. With the extra slack space around the power outlet, the e-brake console decal would line up perfectly.

Overall, this is a good product and I would recommend it as a protective enhancement. "