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Customizing your GMC headlights is easier than you would have ever imagined. Choose from a full range of wrap kits, precut overlays, LED strips and plug-and-play replacement headlamps and enhance the look of your ride today.

GMC pre-cut headlight overlays by Rtint are custom-designed for your make, model and year vehicle. If we have the design in our extensive database already you can simply order it and it will ship in one business day but if it isn't yet available you can always order one of our custom smoked light kits. In only seven to fourteen business days you will receive your made-to-order headlight tint kit in the color or shade of your choice and cut to follow the contours of your light.

In addition to GMC headlight tints and wrap kits is also excited to offer LED strips, to accent your primary lighting and upgrade it to the modern look now popular on Audi and other luxury vehicles. If you want to enhance the appearance of your GMC but don't want to spend the time wrapping or installing precut tint yourself or simply want to upgrade to the look of angel-eye lights, we also carry a wide selection of replacement head lights from Spec-D Tuning as well.

Installing GMC headlight tint can seem like a job best left to professionals but as long as you have the right tools and the knowledge this simply isn't true. At we've taken the time to craft step-by-step instructions in both video and written formats to accommodate those who prefer to see it done as well as those who like a manual to read from.

Featured Reviews
Not bad.
Not sure exactly what I was expecting when I ordered these, but its a sticker. Its a little hard to install and I screwed up the first set and got a replacement one. The second one laid down on my 2012 Sierra pretty easily since I had practice. Went with the smoke, its not too dark and really does not affect my lights at night. Better than using spray since you can take it off as I learned with the first set!