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Subaru fog light protection kits are made using ultra-tough, optically clear Rshield film. Choose from 12mil invisble clear film if you want to keep the stock look or 15mil shaded and colored tint for a style upgrade that will turn heads wherever you go. At we make it our business to offer you options which is why you will find a selection of custom-designed tints made to order within 7-14 business days, precut kits (when available) and fog light protection wraps to fit your style and wallet.

Subaru fog light protection wraps and precut kits really give you the best of both worlds: tint and protection. Choose from either 12mil invisible protection film or optically clear, 15mil Rshield protection tint in great colors like yellow, blackout or smoke and your options don't stop there. In addition to choosing the color or tint percentage of your kit you can also decide if you want to buy a precut kit or to go with a protection wrap. Whichever you choose you can rest assured knowing that your fogs will be protected from UV rays, high-speed rock hits and other drivers.

Once you choose the finish of yourSubaru fog light protection kit you will want to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Although we don't require that you purchase any tools (because we're all adults here) we strongly recommend that you purchase at least a squeegee, application fluid and a razor to get you started.

Because Rshield Subaru protection film for your DRLs and fog lights is approximately three to five times thicker than regular head and taillight tint it can be silently easier to work with. Nonetheless, we recommend that you take the time to review our detailed installation videos and written instructions before jumping in to ensure you get the best results.