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MINI headlight covers from Rtint are custom manufactured to your specifications. Made from specially formulated, optically clear film each kit is computer cut to ensure accuracy. Intended for the DIY installer, these precut tint kits are designed to be heat stretched over the contours of your headlights in order to give you a completely personalized look.

Rtint headlight tints allow you to customize your MINI at a fraction of the cost of other methods. Why spend hundreds of dollar on costly OEM replacements or aftermarket headlights when you can do the job yourself for pennies on the dollar? Another great feature of these pre-cut kits is that they can be installed and removed at a later date without causing damage to your lights. And, if you want the ultimate in flexibility and convenience you can always select our midnight static cling kits so you can remove and reapply your MINI headlight covers whenever and wherever you want.

All of the Rtint headlight film we carry is made from the highest quality materials anywhere. The blackout, smoke, blue, yellow, green and red smoke films are triple-ply films which aids in installation and protects the film until your install has been successfully completed. Looking for the UV and road debris protection of headlight covers without the tint? With Rshield clear headlight film you get the same optically clear benefits but without losing any candle power.

Smoking out your headlights can seem like a risky proposition but at Rvinyl we want you to know that there’s nothing to fear. Spray tints and paints can be hard to apply and many an enthusiast has completely ruined their expensive, OEM headlights trying to paint them black. Unlike spray tints and paints, Rtint headlight film is semi-permanent and can be removed if you don’t like the look or decide it’s just too dark for you—don’t try that with VHT nightshades!