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Chrome Vinyl Film Wraps

Rvinyl Chrome Mirror vinyl films are an installer friendly 3-Ply DIY trim-to-fit sheet of film. It is designed to be applied to the exterior or interior of your vehicle and can be applied to OEM or aftermarket parts for a customized look. Sold in a variety of sizes and colors the film is backed by a 3 year warranty and a 5 year durability rating. Rvinyl film has a bubble-free air release liner and is engineered to adhere with a non-permanent adhesive. Manufacturer Part Number: Rwrap-Chrome-001
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What is Rvinyl Chrome Vinyl Film Wraps?
It is a mirror reflective adhesive backed bubble-free vinyl film. It is sold by the sheet and can be applied to the exterior or interior of just about any car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, moped, ATV, etc. It has a removable protective layer to prevent scratching during installation (remove after installation). The film comes ready to apply, although application tools are not included. The adhesive is semi-permanent (it can be removed, but not reapplied). The film can be applied to flat hard surfaces with gentle to extreme curves.

What size do I need?
We offer a variety of sizes, the size required depends on the intended application area. We recommend you measure your application area and purchase the most applicable quantity and size. You may read in detail about how to measure your application area for a proper kit installation in our application instructions.

What size do I need?
Bubble-free film is manufactured using a special liner that creates grooves on the adhesive side of the film.  This allows the bubbles or air pockets to "escape" by providing them an air egress channel. During application, as bubbles may appear simply squeegee the air pocket to the film's edge for a bubble-free application.

How do I install Rvinyl Chrome Films?
The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our installation video at the top of this page. Installing Rvinyl
 Chrome film can be significantly easier and less time consuming than using spray paint, it can however still be a difficult process. Remember, we sell vinyl film and not the ability to install it.
> Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer.
 > Depends on whether the surface has complex curves, protrusions or is compounded.
 > Depends on if the proper installation tools and fluids are used.
 > Depends on whether the installer is familiar with heat stretching film.

What Rvinyl application tools do you recommend?
All of them. Installation can be difficult and the tools we sell help guarantee results.
 > The application squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the tint. 
 > Low friction sleeves prevent "squeegee scratches." 
 > Rapid Prep removes any dirt or debris from your application area.
 > Rapid Tac will aide in the wet application of our Rvinyl
Chrome film.
 > Rapid Clear will act as a finishing agent and polish on all Rvinyl products.
 > Seal-It Pens are used to seal the edges of all our vinyl films.
 > 3M Primer 94 is used to seal the edges of all our vinyl films.

Do you offer a warranty?
Rvinyl offers a limited warranty of 3 years. The film is guaranteed to not fade, peel, crack, bubble or turn a different shade when properly installed. This vinyl film is 
very durable, UV stable and scratch resistant.

Do Chrome Vinyl Film Wraps have a glossy finish?
Yes, this film has a glossy mirror finish  and comes with a protective liner that is removed after application.

Is the surface durable?

When applied correctly to the appropriate hard flat surface the Vinyl film is very durable, UV stable and scratch resistant.

Will Chrome Vinyl Film Wraps fade in the sun?
No, it is coated with a UV protective layer which will last up to three years outdoors.

Can it be cleaned?

Yes, once applied and bonded to your surface you may clean it and polish it with such things Armor All or any type of cleaning agent that is Acetate free. We recommend the use of Rapid Clear for maintaining your Rwrap.

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