1999 GMC Jimmy AVS Bugflector II Smoke Hood Shield

AVS® GMC Jimmy 1995-2005 Bugflector II™ Hood Shield

The smoked AVS Bugflector II™ is contour fitted for your 1999 GMC Jimmy and offers you a quick, no-drill installation process you can easily complete in 10 minutes or less in the comfort of your garage. With a Limited Lifetime Warranty offered by Lund, they stand behind their product as well as shielding your hood's paint from bugs, debris and rock chips. What are you waiting for? Upgrade...

Price: $63.88 Retail: $102.81

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1999 GMC Jimmy AVS Bugflector Smoke Hood Shield

AVS® GMC Jimmy 1995-2005 Bugflector™ Hood Shield

This is a smoked custom-molded hood shield designed specifically for 1999 GMC Jimmy models, its made in the USA and precision-engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly. This hood shield's low to medium-profile is aerodynamically efficient, and provides excellent protection as stones and other debris ricochet away from the hood and windshield. A cost effective and stylish alternative to...

Price: $64.14 Retail: $89.04

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1999 GMC Jimmy AVS Hoodflector Hood Shield

AVS® GMC Jimmy 1995-2005 Hoodflector™ Hood Shield

Auto Vent Shade just broke the rule book when they engineered the Hoodflector Hood Shield. With the right balance of style and height profile, these kits do your 1999 GMC Jimmy justice. Whether you want that custom look or you want a little paint protection power in the front, look no further than the boys and girls over at Lund's premier acrylic thermo-formed lines.

Price: $59.20 Retail: $84.06

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1999 GMC Jimmy Shadow Smoke Wiper Cowl

Lund® GMC Jimmy 1995-2003 Shadow™ Smoke Wiper Cowl

Designed to sit in front of the wiper blade area of your 1999 GMC Jimmy windshield, it protects the wiper area from road grime and harmful sun rays. More importantly it gives you a slick, aerodynamic look with customized appeal. The cowl is easy to install on your 1999 GMC Jimmy using 3M VHB tape.

Price: $149.85 Retail: $167.53

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1999 GMC Jimmy AVS Interceptor Hood Shield

Lund® GMC Jimmy 1995-2005 Interceptor™ Smoke Hood Shield

This hood shield's durable polycarbonate material makes this accessory wear-and-tear resistant as well as car-wash-safe. Installation takes just a few minutes and the customization lasts a lifetime. This form fitted smoked hood shield is the original full-height, wrap-around hood shield, protecting your hood paint, fenders and windshield against bugs, rocks and sand. Invest in your 1999 GMC...

Price: $84.17 Retail: $129.95

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