2005 Hummer H3 Fog Light Bezels

Putco® Fog Light Bezels

Nothing gives a subtle sense of style like these 2005 Hummer H3 fog light chrome trim rings. Manufactured from automotive grade ABS chrome composite plastics, they are impact resistant, durable and a perfect match for exterior OEM chrome accents. Installing these bezels could not be easier, simple peel the red liner fro the pre-applied 3M VHB foam tape, align and stick it into place. No cutting...

Price: $128.99

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2005 Hummer H3 Front Apron Bumper Cover

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2007 Front Apron Bumper Cover

When you want aggressive styling this front bumper apron makes your 2005 Hummer H3 look mean. This stylish chrome like body kit is made from nearly indestructible ABS composites and chrome plated using a 22 hour process for long lasting durability. Apply your Putco front apron bumper cover using pre-mounted 3M adhesive for a near permanent bond you can feel safe with on or off the road.

Price: $253.99 Retail: $278.75

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2005 Hummer H3 Air Intake Cover

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Air Intake Cover

Customizing your Humvee is not always easy, but Putco has made it a breeze with these Air Intake Covers designed specifically for your 2005 Hummer H3. Manufactured from durable ABS plastics, these chrome plated intake covers sit on the hood and compliment your exterior chrome while not interfering with your hood's aerodynamics or your engines breathing.

Price: $132.99 Retail: $145.43

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2005 Hummer H3 Antenna Base Cover

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Antenna Base Cover

Who would of over thought it was possible to customize your Humvee's antenna? Well, the designers at Putco did! This chrome trim antenna cover applies to the exterior of your 2005 Hummer H3 to give it a tricked our mirror finish. Manufactured from OEM grade ABS composites, these antenna base covers are a great accent to your OEM chrome trim.

Price: $47.12 Retail: $57.11

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2005 Hummer H3 Bumper Vent Strip

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Bumper Vent Strip

Putting the finishing touches on your 2005 Hummer H3 is easy with this chrome vent strip. Accent your chrome grille easily by installing this ABS bumper strip. Perfect for DIY Humvee owners, these chrome trim accents install over the OEM bumper using 3M adhesives. No cutting, no drilling and no modification is required.

Price: $172.99 Retail: $193.91

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2005 Hummer H3 Fuel Door Cover

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Fuel Door Cover

Add a touch of class to your vehicle with an ABS Chrome fuel door accent cover. Designed with durability in-mind, this trim installs in minutes on your 2005 Hummer H3's using 3M VHB adhesive foam tape. No modification is necessary to apply this trim and it is great match to factory chrome or aftermarket accessories.

Price: $107.99 Retail: $127.59

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2005 Hummer H3 Hood Deck Vent

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Hood Deck Vent

Customizing the factory hood of your 2005 Hummer H3 is a breeze with this chrome hood deck vent. One the ultimate accessories in Putco's long line of Humvee chrome trim accessories these double handled deck vents are manufactured from chrome plated ABS composites. They apply to your factory hood using 3M adhesive tape for a permanent bond and instant style upgrade. You don't need to drill your...

Price: $243.99 Retail: $278.75

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2005 Hummer H3 Rear Bumper Cover

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Rear Bumper Cover

Don't forget about your 2005 Hummer H3's rear bumper! These chrome ABS bumper covers install on the driver and passenger sides of your rear bumper using 3M adhesives. Anyone can install these for an instant upgrade that showcases your customized Humvee. Don't let anyone tell you different, Putco has engineered these rear bumper accents with precision for OEM style and injection molded them to...

Price: $107.99 Retail: $121.19

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2005 Hummer H3 Side Marker Lamp Covers

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Side Marker Lamp Covers

Don't overlook the sides of your vehicle, these ABS chrome side marker or turn signal covers really add the final touches to your project. They installs easily with pre-applied 3M adhesives "red" tape. Peel, stick and drive. Precision made specifically for 2005 Hummer H3 models, they fit like an OEM part, but give you aggressive styling where the factory left off. Sold in pairs for the driver...

Price: $45.12 Retail: $54.69

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2005 Hummer H3 Tail Light Bezels

Putco® Hummer H3 2005-2009 Tail Light Bezels

These custom chrome tail light bezels add a little flare to OEM lights. Specifically form-fitted for 2005 Hummer H3, these are manufactured from ABS chrome for both durability and light weight performance. They easily apply using 3M VHB adhesive tape, just about any auto enthusiast can install them.

Price: $132.99

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