2007 Scion tC Brown Leather Dash Kit Upgrade

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2007 Scion tC Brow Leather Dash Kit — Center Console

2007 Scion tC Brown Leather Dash Kit

Even though Scion has officially ceased to exist as a separate brand as of 2016, that doesn't mean that there aren't still droves of enthusiasts out there want to modify, update and restore their Scions. So, even though you'll have to visit a Toyota dealership to find the successors to great rides like the FR-S and xB in the future you can take a quick stroll down memory lane with us and check out this Brown Leather Rdash® dash kit Yasiel just installed in his 2007 Scion tC.

2007 Scion tC Brow Leather Dash Kit — Center Console

Computer-Designed, Machine Cut

These photos are great for any number of reasons but what we want to focus on at this point is the accuracy and precision of the cuts. Just look at the shifter insert piece above and you'll see just how meticulously designed the dash trim pieces are. They fit like a glove as a result of our engineer's expertise and decades of experience working with computer aided design processes and their rigorous testing. Finally, the precisely calibrated plotters that cut the Brown Leather vinyl wrap film do an amazing job of cutting the trim without snags or rough edges.

2007 Scion tC Brow Leather Dash Kit — Center Console

Yasiel's Review

Yasiel had a lot to say about this kit so, rather than linking back to the product page and having you wade through reviews, we thought it'd be better just to copy and paste it here:

Purchased product was an interior Dash Kit (Brown Leather) for my 2007 Scion tC. It looks great in the car, it completely changed the appearance of the interior, now I'm getting compliments from every person who steps into the car. Something important to note is that the use of a hair dryer to help adhesion of the decal is vital in the process, even if the surface is completely dry it will NOT stay completely sealed until some heat has been applied. After that, it will look great. Some of the pieces were not cut exactly the same size as the piece in the car but since the product stretches it was really not a big issue. Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase.

2007 Scion tC Brow Leather Dash Kit — Center Console

Real, Textured Finishes

Rdash® dash kits give you the option of choosing from over 100 different colors and finishes. And, unlike thicker polyurethane kits made by companies like B&I, Benevento and other, when you buy and Rdash® dash kit you get an interior trim with a real, three-dimensional finish hat you can not only see but feel! Check out the extreme close-up above: you can actually see the grain of the leather and the same is true for most of our wood grains, 3D Carbon Fiber and velvet films.

2007 Scion tC Brow Leather Dash Kit — Center Console

Thanks Yasiel!

Thanks Yasiel for great pictures and a great product review. We hope you'll consider us for your next project and that you enjoyed your $20 Cash Back rebate refund.

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