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3M™ is an American multinational conglomerate operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, U.S. health care, and consumer goods. They've created many useful products, especially for DIY enthusiasts. Their vinyl and tools are top-notch and iconic. When it comes to having an assortment of useful tools for customizing your vehicle, they come in clutch. Whatever you may think you need, they generally have it. So let's take a look at what 3M™products we carry.

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3M™ Vinyl

3M™ Wrapping vinyl is an expertly crafted adhesive film that can be utilized in a ton of different applications. Refresh your vehicle with an upgraded, truly custom look. This is great if you're tired of the default appearance of your car, and want to give it a completely new appearance, from the bumper to the hood, or just a full wrap. You won't need to use any paint which saves you a headache. With vinyl, you can create a contrasting appeal by wrapping a portion of your vehicle, such as the roof, cockpit, or hood. The 3M™ film also protects your vehicle's original paint job of your ride from debris, bugs, and scratches to maintain the value of your vehicle. With these high-quality vinyl wraps, you can add decals, signage, lettering, and custom graphics to your fleet or vehicle. With a variety of striking and soft colors, neons and metallics, you will be able to create really striking, eye-catching designs for your ride. Check out the massive catalog to get your wrapping project started today!

3M™ Tools

Tools are an important part of the wrapping process. For DIY projects in general, really. 3M offers a great number of high-quality tools. Durable, affordable, and will make your wrapping projects so much simpler. Check out the products below to gather what you need to start your project and mainatain your fininished product.

  • 3M™ Knifeless Tape - When your project requires delicate custom work and precision, knifeless tape is the best and most efficient way to create clean lines. Knifeless tape allows you to eliminate the risk of harm from a knife blade or razor and any surface damage to your vehicle. You can safely and effectively execute greater creativity in addition to intricate detail work as you cut graphic films and other material due to its absolute precision and accuracy.
  • 3M™ Razors - If you're working with sheets of vinyl one thing is certain: you need a way to cut it. Now, whether you choose to do that with a knife, razor or knifeless tape is up to you but we've got dozens of options for you to choose from. Quality and reliability are crucially important criteria of a top-notch wrap knife. In addition, your razor should also be comfortable and durable while your blades should be super sharp and have optimum edge retention. With 3M, you'll get just that.
  • 3M™ Vinyl Film Care Tools - Once you successfully install your wrap, you'll need a way to maintain the wrap. If you want your vinyl wrap to hold up well over time and resist damage from the elements like the sun, acid rain, grease, oils, etc, you have to do so something. It used to be that soap and water were the only real option to clean dust and dirt and alcohol was the only thing you could use as a degreaser and that protection consisted only of the laminate that was applied to the vinyl film at the time of printing.
  • 3M™ Vinyl Film Adhesive Promoters - Adhesion promoters are one of the most important tools in a wrapper, sign maker, or crafter's arsenal. Do you need a vinyl adhesive promoter in the first place? Yes, simply because, some surfaces aren't able to adhere too well with vinyl without certain aid. Adhesion promoters are one of the most convenient methods to improve the adhesion of the vinyl film to a surface. Vinyl adhesion promoters are a specialty compound that can react chemically with both the substrate and the self-adhesive vinyl. In terms of chemistry, it forms covalent bonds across the interface that are both strong and durable.
  • 3M™ Vinyl Film Edge Sealer - Matte and Gloss Edge Sealers are no ordinary tapes. The Clear Matte Edge Sealing Tape is engineered to work with Matte Vinyl Wrap films. This tape is one-half inches wide and will immediately improve the quality of your Matte wraps by sealing the edges flawlessly, along with being removable without tearing your vinyl or messing up your original paint job. This tape excels at sealing and can be utilized around doors, wheel wells, hoods, and trunk lids.


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first time
by smv, arizona 5.00

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as my first time i appreciate how this material stretches and shrinks back with heat fixing any overstretching. it does allow some color bleed through though so i had to rethink some of my design ideas

First Time Customer
by Terro23, CA 5.00

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The product looks great!!
This is the first time I’ve used RVinyl. Unfortunately they forgot two of my items so I only received 1 of 3. I was surprised they didn’t expedite the shipping for the other two items since it was their mistake? So instead of wrapping this weekend I’ll have to wait. Not the end of the world but a little disappointing especially since this is my first impression of this company.


5.00 | 2 Reviews