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Cadillac 3M Paint Protection Door Edge Film kits include two strips to give your vehicle optically clear protection. This self-adhesive film is engineered to shield your delicate door edges from chips and scuffs. Once applied, these edge guards are virtually invisible. They are chemically clear coated to resist yellowing, staining and tarnishing helping you maintain an OEM appearance. Every time your door is opened, know its edges are protected by 3M.

Manufacturer Part Number: 3M-08582

Cadillac 3M Paint Protection Door Edge Film

  • (2) 36" x .5" Protection Strips and can be trimmed-to-fit are included in each kit Protects against door edge chips, nicks and abrasions
  • Virtually invisible protective film, clear coated to prevent yellowing
  • Includes simple step-by-step installation instructions
  • No special tools necessary for installation
  • No special aftercare is required

When preserving your vehicle's paint finish is top on your mind, then think 3M. This thick door protection film is 6-millimeters in thickness, rugged and durable enough for everyday use. Use what car dealership's are using across America and get great professional grade results at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing a vehicle is one of the largest investments we make, protecting it and keeping your vehicle looking tip top should be your goal.

This door edge guard helps protect against chips, abrasion, scratches, scuffs and weathering helping your finish stay newer longer. Regardless of the type of road hazards and parking lot altercations your door may find itself in, reducing damage and improving resale value is a great reason to choose 3M paint protection films. It is virtually invisible to the naked eye and is chemically clear-coated to resist yellowing and staining from every day use. Once installed, no special care is required. The application is permanent so you don't have to keep reapplying it.

Installation is easy and perfect for do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts. Clean your door edges, making sure waxes, oils or other contaminants are removed. Peel back a small portion of the protective paper, align it to your door edge and tack it down. Leave the outside edge over hanging, it will be wrapped inside after you apply it to the full length of the door. As you press the 3M film along door edge, slowly and carefully remove the release liner. Press the film strip to eliminate any air bubbles, you can use your fingers or an application squeegee. Finally fold the overhanging film over the door edge and press it down on the inside of the door edge. Wait 24 hours for proper adhesion,you can wash and wax your ride as usual. If you ever want to remove 3M Door Edge Paint Protection Films, they peel off cleanly with no damage to the paint.

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