Acura 3M Scotchgard Door Edge Film are available in 10yd and 40yd sizes. These .4 inch wide protective films are optically clear and self-adhesive designed for professional installers. Once installed using the supplied instructions, these door edge guards are nearly invisible and are clear coated to resist yellowing and staining. Want to keep your car looking new the day it rolled off the factory floor? Then look no further than 3M Scotchgard paint protection products. Shield your car door edges from parking lot accidents with 3M's Nascar approved paint protection edge strips.

Manufacturer Part Number: 3M-8490
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Acura 3M Scotchgard Door Edge Paint Protection FAQ

Acura 3M Scotchgard Door Edge Protection Film

  • Protects against door edge chips, nicks and abrasions
  • Virtually invisible protective film, clear coated to prevent yellowing
  • Includes simple step-by-step installation instructions
  • No special tools necessary for installation
  • Comes in either 10yd x .4" or 40yd x .4" Protection Strip Rolls and can be trimmed-to-fit

Looking for a professional grade film for your Acura? Then look no further than the 3M Scotchgard series Paint Protection Films (PPF). This product can be installed by your local dealership or for the daring can be done in your home garage. Applying edge guards is one of the easiest protective films auto enthusiasts can install and are a great introduction to complicated installs like front bumpers. Scotchgard PPF is optically clear making the finished install nearly invisible, keeping your Acura's door edges as close to an OEM appearance as possible. You don't need special tools for application, nor is there any special aftercare instructions meaning that your car is protected without any added effort. Preventing door edge chips, abrasions, scuffs and weather damage can be had at a fraction of the cost of a new paint job.

OEM paint on door panel edges is thinner and more susceptible to damage. Consider just how many times you open your driver side door along, each time you do you risk damaging that precious finish. 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film helps ensure a careless door opening doesn't mean a trip t the body shop. This clear bra door edge strip help absorb the impact of ding and the abrasion that follows. These film strips are chemically clear coated to resist yellowing and staining backed by years of experienced film engineering at 3M. Even if your doors already have damage or paint chips, don't worry apply some touch-up paint prior to applying Scotchgard Door Edge Paint Protection Film, but always allow the paint to fully dry before applying the strips.

How do I install paint protection strips? Installation is easy and perfect for do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts wanting to learn the art of protective film installation. Begin by cleaning your door edges to insure proper adhesion. Remove all waxes, oils or other contaminants so that a proper bond maybe formed. Peel back a small portion of the coated release liner, align it to your door edge and tack it down with your thumb. Leave the outside edge over hanging, it will be wrapped inside after you apply it to the full length of the door. As you press the 3M film along door edge, slowly and carefully remove the release liner and trim. Press the film strip to eliminate any air bubbles, you can use your fingers or an application squeegee. Finally fold the overhanging film over the door edge and press it down on the inside of the door edge. Wait 24 hours for proper adhesion,you can wash and wax your ride as usual. If you ever want to remove 3M Scotchgard Door Edge Paint Protection Films, they peel off cleanly with no damage to the paint.