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Volkswagen 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film is 4" by 84" trim-to-fit 6mil thick sheet that can be applied to virtually any painted surface on your vehicle. This pressure sensitive, adhesive backed PPF film comes ready to apply with included instructions to get you up and running fast. Ideal for protecting surfaces in high-wear areas from stone chipping, abrasion, and most types of environmental damage. This is a great alternative to bug shields or vehicle bras. A clear-coated urethane film that can help you preserve your OEM painted finish.

Manufacturer Part Number: 3M-84904

Volkswagen 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film

  • Protect your vehicle's paint from chips, scraps, scratches and weather elements
  • Virtually invisible protective film, clear coated to prevent yellowing
  • Includes simple step-by-step installation instructions
  • 6 Mil thick professional grade film
  • Comes in a 4" x 84" protection strip roll, trim-to-fit

When you need a wider, professional grade protective film for your Volkswagen, than check out the the 3M Scotchgard series Paint Protection Films (PPF). Scotchgard is a 6mil thick, optically clear adhesive backed pressure sensitive film which has no "orange peel" common with first generation PPF's. It installs nearly invisible, keeping your Volkswagen's painted surfaces in pristine OEM condition. With the included step-by-step how on Earth do I install these kits instructions, 3M Scotchgard has taken the guess work out of protecting your vehicle.

This four inch wide kit can be applied to virtually any high contact area. From a bug shields to bumpers if its painted, it can be protected. These 84" long film strips are chemically clear coated to resist yellowing and staining backed by years of experienced film engineering at 3M. These can even be applied to areas that were previously damaged like door sills. Simply apply some touch-up paint, allow the area to properly dry per the manufacturer's instructions and apply the protective film. Reduce the chance of damaging that area and keep your car looking in factory showroom condition.

How do I install paint protection strips? Installation is easy and perfect for do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts wanting to learn the art of protective film installation. Begin by cleaning your application area to insure proper adhesion. Remove all waxes, oils or other contaminants so that a proper bond maybe formed. Peel back a small portion of the coated release liner, align it to your paint and tack it down with your thumb. For edge surfaces like doors, leave the outside edge of your film (.25" overhang is fine) over hanging, it will be wrapped inside after you apply it to the full length of the door. As you press the 3M film along door edge, slowly and carefully remove the release liner and trim. Press the film strip to eliminate any air bubbles, you can use your fingers or an application squeegee depending on the width of the film you are applying. You are either done or for edge application fold the overhanging film over and press it down on the inside of the edge. Wait 24 hours for proper adhesion,you can wash and wax your ride as usual. If you ever want to remove 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Films, they peel off cleanly with no damage to the paint.

Application Areas Include:

  • Hood
  • Fender
  • Mirror
  • Bumpers
  • Door Sills

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