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Altair is another name for the start Alpha Aquilae and is the twelfth brightest star in the night sky and this Fasara film by the same name calls to mind the look of the milky way in an etched glass decorative film. Made from durable and flexible polyester materials, DIY installation is a breeze with wet application. Don't forget to share your experience and photos with us once you've installed this Altair decorative glass film to get your $20 Instant Rebate too!

Manufacturer Part Number: SH2FGAT

3M™ Fasara Decorative Glass Film

  • Premium polyester film
  • Removable, pressure-activated acrylic adhesive
  • Low gloss surface
  • Shatter resistant
  • Durable for up to 10 years

3M™ Fasara Film

3M™ Fasara Decorative Glass films are available in a variety of styles to lend a clean, flowing elegance to your interior glass partitions, windows and architectural elements. Use Fasara films to control light and privacy while enhancing interiors aesthetics by giving a distinctive and sophisticated etched-glass look that's within reach of your budget.

3M™ Fasara Aftercare and Cleaning

  • No special maintenance is required
  •  If the surface of the film becomes dirty, wash carefully with water
  • Abrasive type cleaning agents and brushes must not be used

Cash Back for Your Photos

We want to share a secret with you: not only are you guys our customers but you're our best advertisers too! That's why we've been offering our $20 Cash Back Rebate for over a decade. Interested? All you have to do is submit 5 to 6 high-quality photos of your 3M™ Fasara film installed in your vehicle or as part of your crafting project, write up a brief review and send it all in to us. Within a few days we'll process your submissions and issue up to a $20 Cash Back Refund! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a roll today start turning heads!


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