5 Surprising Crafts Projects with Avery Dennison SC950 Vinyl

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5 Surprising Crafts Projects with Avery Dennison SC950 Vinyl

Say you're a business and you want to promote your merch in an eye-catching way. So you decide to create custom decals or signs with vinyl in a way that can draw attention to your brand. There are a lot of ideal creative uses for customized decals and vinyl wraps. This is especially ideal for businesses seeking a way to advertise their brand or if you want your product to make a statement and stand out. It's a far more effective method than sending e-mails or marketing online or dealing with ad blockers and other company competition.

Avery Dennison™ SC950 craft and sign film is a high-quality cast, non-calendared vinyl with a gloss finish. Engineered specifically for graphics, decorations, and craft-making, this premium cast film also happens to be perfect to wrap smaller-sized goods like smartphones, speakers, notebook computers, e-readers, and the like. At 2 mil thick you'll like just how easy it is to work with. That being said, let's explore how you can customize with this vinyl.

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Fancy Lettering on Cups and Glasses

If you've ever wanted to add long-lasting bling to your coffee mugs, demitasse, or tumblers Avery Dennison's Ultra Metallic SC950 is the perfect way to do it. Featuring an incredibly bright, high-gloss finish and a not-so-subtle metallic flake that glitters in the light. Choose from seven great colors, this Super Cast Series film delivers great value for projects that require extra durability and need to stand up to the elements. All SC 950 films also feature Easy Apply™ technology so you can turn up your productivity and get your projects to get done quicker and more easily. The embossed liner creates air release channels in the adhesive thereby reducing bubbles, providing smooth coverage and nearly no wrinkles. Make the wrap on your cups and glasses uniform and beautiful.

Here is a list of some Ultra Metallic SC950 that will make your cups and glasses pop:

  • Ultra Metallic Black:
  • A black mesmerizing space-like vinyl that will leave you lost in its abyss.

  • Ultra Metallic Gold:
  • This vinyl gives you a 24 karat look with a high-gloss, wet sheen finish and a dazzling metallic flake.

  • Ultra Metallic Red:
  • A red metallic-flake vinyl that gives off hot red burning energy.

  • Ultra Metallic Rose Quartz:
  • This vinyl gives you an amazing pink look with a crazy metallic flake. Cool if you want to make something for your young daughter.

  • Ultra Metallic Silver:
  • This silver vinyl has a bright metallic flake that sparkles ceaselessly in any light

  • Ultra Metallic White Sparkle:
  • With a glossy white, metallic flake that looks like a glacial field covered in ice. It's a great way to add a cool look to your glass.

You can mix and combine this vinyl for some creative designs for your bottles and glass. And if you do, feel free to show us! We'll feature it on our social media channels and give you cool swag in return!

Repurpose Old Frames

If you're like us, you're sure to have an old frame or two lying around. You may not feel like parting with it but you also don't feel the need to display it due to it being old, scuffed, or dirty looking. No need to let it stay in a drawer, bring it out, and breathe new life into it. If this is the case, then you've got all the supplies you'll need to make a heartfelt gift or treasured reminder for your home. This Metallic Gold boasts a metal flake baked into its high gloss finish to turn even the most common graphics into something exceptional and, dare we say, worth its weight in gold! Ideal for graduation and wedding parties!

Custom Water Bottle Labels

Now you can create your own funny, conversation-starting decal labels for your Nalgene bottle with Avery Dennison SC 950 Opaque Films. Labels made from these films will look great on water bottles! Engineered to be used in the most demanding applications, Avery™ 950 Super Cast Opaque Series vinyl is a superior quality, flexible and solid color film with a high-gloss finish. Made to be indistinguishable from paint when installed, this 2 mil thick film is ultra-thin with incredible tensile strength. Best of all, it is made with Easy Apply™ technology with channels in the liner allowing for bubble-free installation. Designed for use in architectural, transportation, striping, accent graphics, and general signage applications, this film also delivers superior conformability on irregular surfaces.

Custom Cooler Decals

Show coach or dad some appreciation and make sure no one can make off with his beer cooler by customizing it with Avery SC950 decals. It's a great way to stand out on the beach or sporting event. Decals are not bound by any limitation. In fact, this is one of the major benefits that businesses can make the most of. No constraint on the color, size, shape, or design help businesses displays information most uniquely compared to competitors. It can also help bring brand awareness to you if you're looking to create and sell decals for your business! It's a win-win situation!

SC 950 Super Cast Vinyl Series Film Specifications

  • Easy transferring for signage and graphics
  • 6-year durability
  • 90# StaFlat, Poly-Coated with Enhanced Conformability
  • High-gloss finish
  • 2.1 mil thickness
  • Easy cutting and weeding
  • Made flat, corrugated, and flat surfaces with rivets

Glass Shower Stall Decals

This is probably the most risqué of all of the crafts we've highlighted but it's also got the most potential. Greet yourself with an inquisitive or silly decal before you hop on into the shower. Especially if you're dreading heading to work or need to cheer up after a long day of work. We've all had days like that, and sometimes it's the simplest things that can give you a much-needed pick-me-up.

Get Customizing With Rvinyl

Now that you've got some ideas on what to wrap with Avery SC950 vinyl, you are now prepped and ready to choose the best vinyl for your upcoming project. Order quality, SC950 wrap adhesive vinyl for your DIY projects and save money on getting a paint job or pre-made product. Regardless of what you plan to wrap, you can receive credit for showing off your installed wrap and get cool swag from us. All you have to do is submit 5 or more high-quality images of your installed wrap to us. Contact us online, and we will get back to you about your experience. Simple as that! So don't wait, get started today!

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