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How to Install Your ACURA MDX Pillar Post Trim

Use our Rvinyl Pillar Trim Kit and give your Acura MDX a new look. With added trims, your vehicle will feel brand new. All without having to empty your wallet since our prices are affordable and installation is a walk in the park. We will show you how to install so you get the look you want instantly and correctly.


Select Your Vehicle and Precut

Head over to and select the Auto tab and then choose Pillar Trim tab. Now, select the Acura MDX which will take you to the next page. Here, you will select product options and a pop up should open. Select what color and trim you want for your vehicle.

There are a lot of colors and styles to choose from no matter what your preference is. You can also add tools such as a Squeegee, application fluid and a Seal-It Pen to make the installation process easier. We also offer a lifetime warranty for the precut trim. Once you are done, you can check out and the items will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

What You Need

  • Masking Tape
  • Squeegee With a Buffer
  • Rapid Prep Cleaner

Prep and Clean

Once your kit arrives, we recommend keeping our tools materials close for easy access. Before you start applying the pillar trim, clean the pillar of the Acura MDX. Spray Rapid Prep Cleaner and wipe down the pillar and the area outside with the Rapid Prep Cleaner and a towel. Thoroughly clean and wipe away any dirt. Spray the cleaner again and wipe down again to ensure it is clean.

If your vehicle has scratches or wear and tear, then we have a fast and easy solution for you. Apply a coating of 3m Primer 94 to the surface of the pillars. Apply it evenly and wait five minutes so it dries up.

How Not to Install

Do not remove the adhesive liner. It is there to help keep the pillar trim nice and clean. You don’t want to ruin the adhesive by letting your fingers come in contact with the adhesive side or you won’t be able to perfectly align since it may get damaged. When using the squeegee, make sure to use the buffer side so the pillar trim doesn’t get scratched.

Use Masking Tape and Align Properly

Start off by placing 8 small pieces of masking tape next to you so you can grab them easily when you need them. Next, grab the film and align in to pillar with the adhesive still on. Move your hand to the middle of the film and grab two pieces of masking tape and attach them to the bottom so that it stays in place. Make sure the film is properly aligned. Use two pieces of masking tape and place them at the top, about one inch from the very top.

Fold Liner and Use Squeegee

Pull the film back by holding the masking tape and never touching the film itself. Remove the adhesive tape one third of the way, fold it and reapply the masking tape on the top. Use the squeegee and lock the top of the film in place. Remove the masking tape from the top by pulling it low, flat and away from the film.

Remove Liner and Seal the Edges

Now you can remove the liner by grabbing the masking tape that is on the bottom. Lift the film and remove it slowly. Make sure the film is perfectly aligned when you do this. Once you have reached the bottom, use the squeegee starting from the top and going to the bottom. Hold the squeegee on the bottom part of the film as you remove the tap. Make sure the edges are sealed by running your finger on the edges of the film.

Other Methods to Install Pillar Trims

There is no one correct way to install pillar trims. Some people prefer other ways methods that are more convenient for them which is why we included other ways to install them. You can cut the liner with a knife or a scissor instead of folding it in the beginning. This method helps the film align closer with the pillar than the folding method. When cutting the liner, hold the film to the side, which will give you a better angle to remove the liner.

Another installation method that works great is for you is to tape the top and the bottom of the film to the pillar. Add a piece of tape to the middle. Now, remove the bottom tape and place it on the top. Remove the liner from the bottom towards the middle and cut it off. Now, squeegee the bottom section on. Remove the tap from the top and remove the liner. Squeegee the top part starting from the middle.

You Have Successfully Installed Pillar Trims

You have successfully installed your Acura MDX pillar tints and they look great. You don’t need to use any heat because you already sealed it. Installation can always be this easy by selecting Rvinyl. And at a price and convenience that you won’t get from anywhere else!

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