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Acura NSX Precut Paint Protection Kits

The Acura NSX was developed by Honda in the 90s to compete with the Ferrari. They had utilized knowledge they gained from a rewarding Formula 1 program and transferred it into a sports car which resulted in arguably one of the greatest cars to ever come from Japan. The NSX was a supercar that could be taken to the track, and driven everyday without having to worry about the infamously high maintenance cost associated with Italian cars. Scuffs, scratches and aging will inevitably affect your car's paint job, so get proactive and take the right steps to protect your ride with a precut paint protection kit. Be it a precut bumper, hood or fender kit, make sure your NSX's paint job can last even longer.

Make use of 3M™ Pro Series Clear Bra to Protect Your Acura NSX

Provide your Acura NSX's paint job with the highest-quality PPF on the market: 3M™ Pro Series Paint Protection kit. When you buy one of our Acura NSX protection kits made from high-quality Scotchgard™ PPF film you get the following benefits:

  • Self-healing PPF
  • Custom cut Clear bra patterns to fit your ride
  • Tough, maintenance free performance
  • 8 mil thick film
  • Invisible and optically Clear
  • Unrivalled stain resistance

Acura NSX Precut Clear Bra Kits

With our precut Acura NSX paint protection kits, you are given the choice to choose a variety of  precut kits for many areas of your car. Use our intuitive drop-down menu to find your Acura NSX's year and then choose the precut kit or kits you need. Simple and straight to the point! Plus, when you provide your VIN, you will get a precut paint protection kit that has been precisely machine cut to fit your El so you can install it with ease.

Some of the most common precut kits we offer are as:

  • A-Pillar
  • Bumper
  • Door Splash
  • Door Cup
  • Door Edge
  • Mirror
  • Hood
  • Roof

Budget with Clear Bra Paint Protection Wraps

If you're on a budget but still want to protect your Acura NSX, then uncut sheets of paint protection film may be just the thing you need. Take your pick of premium brands and buy by the foot or roll:

  • 3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series Paint Protection Film
  • Avery™ Supreme Protection Film
  • ORACAL® ORAGUARD Stone Guard Film

Check out the product pages for more details and to see what you can expect from each of these great brands of PPF but, whatever you do, be sure to take the initiative and prevent damage before it starts. Pick up a precut or DIY paint protection kit for your Acura NSX today and rest easy knowing your ride is protected.

Precut Paint Protection Kit Installation Guide

Getting the right Acura NSX Precut Paint Protection Kit is only half of the job. Once you get it, you need to know how to install it. That's why we've come up with extremely detailed installation instructions. Be sure to check those out and browse our YouTube channel for the latest precut paint protection install guides. As an added bonus, if you submit 5 or more high quality photos of your installed kit along with a review, you'll be eligible for our Cash Back Rebate

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