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    Rwraps™ Arctic camouflage vinyl wrap films are a high-quality wrapping film made specifically for the DIYer. All Rwraps camouflage films are custom made using special air-release adhesives in order to ensure a bubble free installation each and every time regardless of your level of skill. Rwraps™ camouflage films are UV stable and offer a attractive satin finish so you can rest assured knowing that anything you wrap will look good for years to come. All Rwraps products are warranty backed with a 3-year guarantee against peeling, fading, chipping and delamination so you can buy with confidence. And, when you choose Rwraps Arctic camouflage you know you're getting a pattern that is both unique enough to give you your own personalized look but realistic enough to do the job. Designed with reference to the famous US M81 wood land camouflage patterns with a distinctive, wintertime color palette you know you're getting quality that delivers for a price that just can't be beat.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-CAM-001

    Artic Camo Vinyl Wraps Features

    • Arctic snow camouflage pattern
    • Adhesive backed, bubble-free ready to apply film
    • Heat conformable for extreme curves and wraps
    • 3 mil thick (.0042") blends seamlessly with application area
    • Warranty backed, durable and UV stable
    • Perfect for hunting, fishing, ATV, vehicle and boating applications
    • Available in 12, 24, and 60" widths

    Rwraps™ Arctic Camouflage Film

    Rwraps Arctic Camouflage vinyl wrap films give you the edge when winterizing your vehicles and gear for use in the far North or just because you love the look. Also known as snow camo, this Rwraps Arctic Camouflage pattern helps whatever you wrap in it to blend seamlessly with wintry surrounding by using a subdued palette of frosty light blues, hoarfrost grays, inky black and, of course, snowy whites. Despite the fact that Arctic Camouflage vinyl has taken the automotive and restyling world by storm (who hasn't seen a Lamborghini wrapped in Arctic Camouflage by now?) did you know that no military in the world actually uses an Arctic pattern in their armed forces? Just check Wikipedia if you don't believe us!

    The main difference between Rwraps Arctic Camouflage and other winter camouflage patterns made by companies such as RealTree® is that the Rwraps pattern does not include tree branches in its pattern. This really shouldn't be a surprise, however, since RealTree® makes patterns specializing in the inclusion of tree elements in all of their camouflage designs.

    Based on Military-Grade Camo Patterns

    Another pattern that closely resembles this Rwraps vinyl wrap film is MultiCam Alpine which was designed to reduce the visual and near infrared signature of a person operating in snow-covered environments. The Alpine camouflage pattern resembles Rwraps Arctic in the form of its shapes but its coloration is much more washed out with the whites and grays being the dominant colors in the palette. In comparison, Rwraps Arctic vinyl most closely resembles a variation of the US M81 woodland camouflage pattern which means that when you buy our camouflage vehicle wraps you know you're getting something which has been vetted by the world's best military but which is unique enough to have your buddies asking you where you got it.

    Arctic Camo — Not Just for Winter Anymore

    Rwraps Arctic Camouflage is a one-of-a-kind vinyl wrap film which is ideal for use in alpine and winter weather environments. Whether you want to use it on your next hunting trip, during wintertime paintball games or simply to blend in with your surroundings during a long, cold invernal season our Arctic Camouflage film will do the job for you. Digitally printed and covered by a protective UV layer, the matte finish of this wrapping film won't reflect light like some of our high-gloss films. Instead, the combination of its satin finish and woodland camouflage pattern means that visible light will be absorbed and refracted before whatever you're hunting, fishing or chasing sees what's coming.

    Arctic Camouflage is available rolls of up to ten yards in length but as short as two feet long. In addition, we carry this great film in three widths:  twelve inches, twenty four inches and a whopping sixty inches in order to accommodate your specific project's needs. As with all Rwraps camouflage vinyl films, Arctic Camouflage is design with air egress technology for a bubble free installation experience. This means that you can easily wrap the exterior or interior of any vehicle without using primers or other application fluids such as Rapid Tac. Simply add heat with a heat gun or hair dryer and this thermoformable vinyl film will conform to the contours of your car, truck, SUV or boat. Don't believe us? Why not browse our gallery of customer installation examples to see just what you can do with Rwraps Arctic Camouflage vehicle wrapping film.

    Share Your Pics for Savings

    And, just because we specialize in serving the DIY and aftermarket automotive community doesn't mean that you can only use our Rwraps series of vinyl films on cars. For over a decade, restylers, remodelers and hobbyists of all types have been using our films to change, modify, upgrade and rehabilitate all sorts of things. As long as your intended application surface is hard and non-porous you can install Rwraps vinyl film on it. Want to wrap your speaker boxes in a camouflage vinyl film? Go for it! Have an idea to cover your walls in Arctic Camouflage? Just be sure to buy a squeegee and pick a twenty four inch wide film. You're only limited by your imagination when it comes to Rwraps™ vinyl wrapping films so pick up a roll today and when you're done don't forget to send in your photos for our instant rebate refund!


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