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    Get the smooth, smoked-out look of custom taillight tints on your Audi today! Rtint™ custom designed taillight covers are designed for you and made right here in the USA. Choose from 14 different tail light tint colors and shades like Blackout, Smoke, Red or even Chameleon and give your S5, Q7 or TT a one-of-a-kind look with Rtint™! Don't forget to share your results either so you can get your $20 Cash Back Rebate too!

    Manufacturer Part Number: CTT-146

    Rtint™ Audi Custom Tail Light Covers Features

    • Audi custom tail light tint installs in less than an hour
    • Custom-designed, computer cut as a pair for driver and passenger side
    • Complete installation instructions available as downloadable PDFs or detailed videos
    • Designed, produced and delivered within 7 to 21 business days.
    • Audi tail light covers apply like wraps with only a minimum of trimming required
    • Come standard with a 3-year warranty against defects, discoloration and cracking

    Custom Audi tail light covers are engineered and designed by a team with more than twenty years' combined experience in the field and are machine-cut to ensure smooth lines and contours. Once your order has been placed, our designer will use CAD technology to design your tail light tint according to your year, make, model and color selections and the covers will ship out to you within 7 to 21 business days. When they arrive you can expect to find a well-packed pair of smoke tail light overlays just waiting to be applied to your Audi.

    Just in case you have any reservations we just want to point out that all Rtint products are backed by a three-year warranty that covers your purchase from cracking, peeling or fading. If you should ever have a problem that's covered under the guarantee simply send us a photo and we will have a free replacement sent out the very next business day. In addition to our unmatched warranties we also offer customer support 24 hours a day by means of email, chat and phones to ensure that any questions you have will be answered as soon as humanly possible.

    Because our customers consist of both professionals with their own shops and enthusiasts who have never tinted their tail light before, we do not force you to buy a tail light kit that includes all of the recommended tools and sprays. This doesn't mean, however, that you should try to blackout your lights with nothing but your bare hands. We strongly advise all of our customers to use at least a squeegee and an application fluid such as Rapid Tac at the very least to ensure an optimal outcome.

    Rtint® Smoked Films come in 14 different shades of smoke. The darkness of the shade is measured in a VLT (Variable Light Transmission) percentatge. This number measures the amount of light that can be transmitted through the tint naturally with no backlighting coming from a bulb. The higher the number, the the brighter the light will be that is allowed to pass through and the least amount of effective it will have on light output. The lower the number, the darker your light will appear. It works opposite of window tint VLT as you are trying to make the light appear darker on the outside rather than from the inside. Rtint® Smoke film, which is by far our most popular shade, will smoke your lights by about 38% while still allowing 62% of light to enter the housing. It will not block 38% of backlighting coming from a bulb, but will certainly have an affect on light output.

    • Blackout Smoke Tint: 5% VLT
    • Blue Smoke Tint: 30% VLT
    • Clear Protection Film: 99% VLT
    • Chameleon Smoke Tint: 85% VLT
    • Green Smoke Tint: 75% VLT
    • Matte Smoke Tint: 10% VLT
    • Midnight Static Cling Smoke Tint: 33% VLT
    • Neon Smoke Tint: 87% VLT
    • Orange Smoke Tint: 82% VLT
    • Pink Smoke Tint: 46% VLT
    • Purple Smoke Tint: 56% VLT
    • Red Smoke Tint: 17% VLT
    • Smoke Tint: 38% VLT
    • Yellow Smoke Tint: 85% VLT

    Questions about this product? Ask us!

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    Does this kit include tint for all four of the rear lights or just the two main tail lights?
    Ben Taylor August 19, 2019 12:31 PM
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    It will depend on the year, model and submodel we design these for. You can always contact us and we will do our best to confirm which lights we can exactly create a tint kit for.
    Mike August 19, 2019 12:55 PM