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This High Visibility Green 1200 Series reflective vinyl film is made for the best in night time and low-light visibility. When you need exceptional visibility and the epitome of conformability you absolutely need this Green HV 1200 Series Reflective vinyl. At 4.5 mil in thickness, this reflective film is made for 7 years of outdoor durability. Use this high gloss Reflective HV 1200 film without application fluid and enjoy the look for years to come. And don't forget, when you're done, send in your images to get a $20 Rebate Refund.

Manufacturer Part Number: HV1200-778-R

Avery Dennison™ HV1200 Reflective Vinyl

  • High-gloss, high-visibility marking vinyl
  • Cast, Retroreflective film
  • Dimensionally stable liner for easy conversion
  • Designed for easy weeding
  • Largest color palette in the industry with Pantone color references
  • 7 Year Outdoor Durability

Avery High-Visibility Reflective HV1200 Film

Avery High-Visibility Reflective HV 1200 high performance vinyls are premium quality, enclosed lens, retro-reflective films which meet or exceed the applicable requirements ASTM® D-4956 for reflectivity. Made especially for screen printing and in computer sign cutting equipment, Avery Dennison HV1200 Reflective films provide unparalleled cutting, weeding, transferring, and conforming characteristics.

HV1200 Series Gloss Specifications

  • Finish: Gloss  
  • Installation Temperature Range: +60°F (+16°C) minimum (air and substrate)
  • End Use Temperature Range: -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
  • Adhesives: : Permanent Clear Acrylic
  • Liner: 90# StaFlat™
  • Conformability: Flat, compound, convex and concave curves
  • Thickness: 4.5 mil
  • Application Type: Wet or Dry

Cash Back for Your Photos

Share your pics and thoughts for cash! All you have to do is submit 5 or 6 high-quality photos of your Avery Dennison™ HV1200 Reflective film in your project, write up a brief review and send it to us. Within a few days we'll process your submissions and issue up to a $20 Refund! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a roll and get your cash today!


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