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Restyle your bike and skip the messy paints when you wrap it yourself with these SW900 Series Motorcycle Wraps from 3M™. Choose from over 100 great colors and finishes and enjoy how easy it is to install this multi-layered cast film due to its air-release adhesives. Whether you choose Carbon Fiber, Brushed, Color Flow or Satin be sure to send in your photos for our Instant Photo Rebate!

Manufacturer Part Number: Avery-001

Avery Dennison™ SW900 Motorcycle Wraps

  • Dozens of colors, patterns and finishes to choose
  • Air-release adhesives for bubble-free results
  • Dual-layer, 3.2 mil thick vinyl film
  • Up to 12 Year Life Span
  • Sixty inches wide for easier application
  • Made for use right out of the box with no laminates required
  • Cleanly removable for up to 4 years after installation

Avery Motorcycle Supreme Wrapping Film

Avery Dennison™ SW900 Series Motorcycle Wrap films give you a one-of-a-kind look that will update and upgrade and update your motorcross, adventure, touring or racing bike. The high-gloss finish films can sometimes appear to have a haze or blotchiness that can usually be eliminated with heat. Even the shipping box can create surface impressions that can also be eliminated with heat.

Avery Dennison™ Motorcycle vinyl wraps are made especially for the DIY installer. Use it right out of the box without the need for any special tools, overlaminates or noxious chemicals. Simply read and follow the included instructions and enjoy properties of the EZ air-egress and RS repositionability of this SW900 vinyl. Buy this light blue film by the foot and enjoy seamless results because this vinyl comes standard in sixty inch widths.

SW900 Series Motorcycle Wrap Specifications

  • Installation Temperature Range: +60°F (+16°C) minimum (air and substrate)
  • End Use Temperature Range: -50°F to 180°F (-60°C to 107°C)
  • Adhesives: Pressure-activated with air-release channels
  • Recommended Uses: Automotive, Architectural, Marine (above static water-line)
  • Conformability: Flat, compound, convex and concave curves
  • Thickness: 3.2 mil
  • Application Type: Dry (Never use wet application with this film)

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Hello I had purchased the gloss black I’m wrapping my 2002 ninja is the 60 x 12 enough
Matthew Azevedo May 20, 2020 9:28 PM
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Mathew, You are going to have to do a little work and measure each individual panel. The easiest way is with a string. Measure the height and the width of each panel. Then figure out the total square feet needed. Then purchase either several smaller wraps or one large one you can trim down.
Rvinyl Product Guru May 27, 2020 9:14 AM
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Doesn’t tell me how much I got 12 ft x 13 ft total an that’s 2 inches each side
Matthew Azevedo May 27, 2020 9:09 AM
0 1
Mathew, Thanks for the question. That size is our smallest. You could certainly wrap a portion of your bike, but not the whole bike. It’s best to determine the area of each motorbike component, then add on a yard of material to be safe. We have two great articles you can read to help in your buying decision: Buying Guide How Much Vinyl To Buy
Rvinyl Product Guru May 27, 2020 8:45 AM