BMW Style & Performance

BMW is a name that immediately brings to mind images of classic style, performance handling and high-quality engineering. BMW is known worldwide as one of the Big Three German car makers with an enormous selection of cars, trucks and SUVs that can be found on virtually any road on the planet. The history of BMW goes all the way back to its founding in 1916 under the name Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke). Interestingly enough, despite being synonymous with luxury cars today, BMW was initially a company dedicated to manufacturing avionics and aircraft parts which is where the propeller-like BMW logo is sometimes said to have originated. As such, BMW's first foray into automobile production did not take place until 1928 when it released the Dixi which was immediately popular and spurred the introduction of further automobiles. In fact between 1929 and 1931, over twelve thousand Dixi DA/2 and DA/3 models were made with each one sporting a 4-cylinder, 15 HP engine. In the years preceding WWII, BMW fielded a number of race cars which performed amazingly well especially with the introduction of the infamous Type 328 Roadster.

BMW Comes to America

After the War, BMW was able to release the 501 which was a powerful V6 sedan with a spacious cabin due to its last-minute change from a 6- to a 4-seater. The 502 was the successor to the 501 and was debuted in 1954 at the Geneva Auto Show with the distinction of being Germany's first V8. With the introduction of the 1500, a compact sedan with an 80 HP engine, BMW had truly come of age and become a household name. Yet, it wasn't until the 1970's that BMW truly skyrocketed to its current place of honor among luxury automakers with the release of the 3-, 5- and 7-Series as well as the creation of the hallowed M design division. During this same period BMW North America was founded and, along with the other developments made in the 70s, catapulted BMW to prominence.

BMW Takes on the SUV

In 2004 BMW premiered the X3 and was a lavish luxury crossover which BMW termed as an SAV "Sports Activity Vehicle" rather than the more common SUV. The X3 was developed to combine the agility of a compact product with the operating experience of the company's X5. The BMW X3 featured an upright, high H-point seat configuration, advertised as "command seating". Design exhibited interacting concave and convex surfacing, characteristic to the company at that time as well as a reinterpreted BMW Hofmeister kink. Another debut in 2004 was the 1-Series which was marketed as a compact family vehicle meant to be a replacement for the 3-Series as the most affordable offering in BMW's line-up. Whether it is due to the company's massive marketing efforts, the quality of its vehicles or a combination of the two it is certain that the strong sales of BMW cars, trucks and SAVs show no signs of slowing. In a luxury market crowded with rivals such as Lexus, VW, Audi and Infiniti, BMW manages to remain at the top of the pack and deliver the German-engineered performance, elegance and power that drivers around the world have come to expect.

Premium BMW Accessories and Parts

BMW is a name that has come to define impeccable standards of luxury and high performance. Innovative technology, unbelievably fluid handling and elegant styling are all characteristics that make every BMW vehicle a cut above the rest. Whether you own a sleek and small 1-Series or a crossover X5 SAV, you can be sure that you are in possession of the fruits and labor of the best in German automotive engineering. We're eager to introduce you to our large selection of high-quality DIY and professional grade BMW Accessories, paint protection and tint kits for every year, make and model on the road today. We know that when it comes your Bimmer you hold accessories to the same exacting standards you expect from a BMW and you can be confident that we won’t let you down.

As an owner of a BMW you have an intrinsic understanding of excellence in engineering, performance and style. For this reason, Rvinyl has taken special care to bring you only the best in accessories and tints to ensure that you get the right fit every time. Why settle for low-quality, knock-offs when you can have affordable excellence at Your BMW is a work of art so be sure you give it the respect it’s due.

Whether you want to upgrade your vehicle's exterior aesthetic with tints or a spoiler, are looking to enhance your interior with a custom dash kit or simply want to protect your vehicle's finish with a pre-cut paint protection kit we carry an extensive selection of products and accessories designed especially for your vehicle's specifications. Regardless of what product you select you can rest assured knowing that you'll be getting a top-quality product at a great price. Rvinyl understands that when you buy an accessory, tint or protection kit you aren't simply making just another purchase--you're making a statement to the world about who you are and what is important to you. Don’t wait call, chat or email us today and let us be your source for custom car tints and accessories.







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