2013 Lincoln MKX Blacked out Taillights

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Phoenix's Blacked Out 2013 Lincoln MKZ

Phoenix's 2013 Lincoln MKZ with Blackout Smoked Taillights

Clearly it was a foggy day in Phoenix hometown when she took the installed our blackout taillight tints on her 2013 Lincoln MKZ but, once you get used to it, it adds an almost retro touch to the photos. ven with the fog, however, you can see just how nicely the blackout tint matches the Tuxedo Black Metallic finish of her MKZ 2.0. Really, they're a match made in heaven.

Blackout Taillight Film on the 2013 Lincoln MKZ

Choices, Choices

Phoenix chose to use our uncut, blackout tint films to wrap her MKZ taillights and trunk lights but that doesn't mean you have to. Not only do we offer the uncut sheets of taillight smoking film but we also offer custom precut taillight tint covers and a variety of spray tint options. You see, despite our name (Rvinyl, remember?) we'r enot categorically opposed to spray even if we do prefer vinyl. So, if laying is not your thing you can always give our VHT taillight sprays or smoke Plastidip a go.

Lincoln MKZ Blacked Out Taillights

But, you might ask, what are some of the advantages of taillight tint film over sprays? Well, first and foremost, when you're using a paint the stakes are much higher. WIth a paint you had better be sure you know what it is you're doing because you really only get one shot and if you mess up you're out a pair of taillligts. Plastiddip is much more forgiving but if you go this route get ready to have someone peel it off when you'r eparked at the mall or if you ever accidentally scrape it while opening your trunk. DIpping can look great but it's an absolute no-no in high traffic areas.

Customer Rebate Photo of Blackout Taillight Tint on 2013 Lincoln MKZ

Taillight tint films like Rtint give you the best of all possible worlds. You get the tint of a spray and you can choose a matte smoke film if you want the look of Plastidip and the durability of vinyl. And, if you ness up it's no big deal. You can just take off the tints and start over. No harm done to your expense tail lights.

Lincoln MKZ Smoked Taillights

Closeup of Lincoln MKZ Taillight Tints

Rtint Taillight Tint

Blackout  tint may be one of our most popular shades but definitely not our only one. We give you the choice of smoke, matte black, yellow, orange, blue or red taillight tint film just to name a few.Want more? Try our color change chameleon film for a truly head-turning look or our one-of-a-kind midnight blue static cling film for a tint you can remove and reappl as many times as you like.

2013 Lincoln MKZ Black Outs

Driver Side Blacked Out Taillight Tint - Lincoln MKZ

2013 MKZ Taillight Covers - Black Out

2013 Lincoln MKZ

Thank You Phoenix!

Thanks Phoenix for the great installation photos of your work. It's customers like you who keep us in business and we really appreciate it. And don't forget that we offer our cash back rebate program on all of our vinyl products so simply send in your photos or upload them here.

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