Jeffrey's JDM-Inspired Civic HX Mods

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Jeffrey's Civic HX with SMoked Yellow Headlights & Purple Smoked Taiilights

The Honda Civic: The Car that Created a Sub-Culture

It's no secret that Honda created an entire sub-culture in the 90s and that the Civic was a huge part of that. Along with the Acura brand (another of Honda's creations) which introduced the world to Japanese performance via the Legend and Integra, the Civic and CRX virtually defined JDM youth car culture for over a decade. And even though today's Civics are a lot more refined than the hatchbacks of old and more likely to be carrying a family of four, there are still thousands of people who are dedicated to modding and restoring old school Hondas by any means necessary.

Yellow Headlight Tint: The Telltale JDM Mod

For those of us who grew up in the 90s, yellow headlights scream JDM. Due to changing laws, however, it has become increasingly hard to find OEM or even aftermarket lights that come in yellow. The solution? Rvinyl yellow headlight tint wraps of course! Jeffrey has done a ton of work on his classic Civic HX as you can see from the pics (you can just see his body kit and grille upgrades in the photos) and the results really are to die for.

2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

Wraps or Precuts

As you can see from the extreme close-ups, the yellow smoke tint is a perfect match for the old school OEM yellow and, when installed correctly, is completely smooth and seamless. In this case, Jeffrey chose to use our uncut rolls of yellow headlight tint film although we offer precut versions as well. In the end, the choice should really depend on your level of comfort and skill in working with Rvinyl tint films but, whichever you choose, you can expect to get the same fantastic results.

2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim

2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Carbon Fiber Shifter Trim

Taillight Tint

Purple Taillight Tint

Where else but at Rvinyl will you find purple taillight tint film? I honestly can't think of anywhere else but if you can find the same high-quality tint at the low prices we offer then, by all means, go for it. Since we're pretty sure that we've got a lock on quality, style and affordability you may just want to peruse our wide selection of headlight and taillight films like Jeffrey did when he was trying to figure out how to personalize his ride on a budget.

Partially Wrapped Civic HX Taillights

Before and After: Wrapped Civic Taillights

In the photo above Jeffrey had not yet covered over his reverse light with the purple smoke wrap. Honestly, I would have kept it this way for safety considerations but it just may be that this is a show car and not his daily commuter. Either way the fact that he used purple tint wraps meant that he was able to fully customize the tint coverage, a fact which he took full advantage of later as the following photos show.

Purple Taillight Tint Wraps

Wrapped Civic HX Taillights - Rvinyl Purple Tint

Thank You Jeffrey!

As you can see, Jeffrey completely changed and upgraded the look of his Civic HX for under $40! Better yet, because he submitted his photos to us for a rebate he's getting up to a $20 refund back. Pretty sweet deal isn't it? So, if you have photos laying around send them in today or just use our convenient upload link on our site here.

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