Rwraps® Matte Wraps — A World of Possibilities

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The 2017 Ford Focus RS Matte Black Roof Wrap

The 2017 Ford Focus RS delivers and has captured the hearts and minds of hoonigans and rally wannabes the world over. It's a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder hatch that comes standard with a six-speed manual (a delightful rarity in itself) and a one of a kind torque-vectoring system. Naturally, the RS was developed with help from Ken Block, it comes out on top when compared to the Subaru WRX, WRX STI, and VW Golf R.

When it comes to exterior styling the Focus RS packs a punch with plenty of enhancements that distinguish it from a regular Focus. Its a unique, wide-mouth grille has large openings to feed more air to the engine and help cool the front brakes which gives it a definite hot hatch appeal. Bringing up the rear is the RS' large body-colored spoiler and an aggressive rear diffuser that integrates dual exhaust pipes. But, even with all these goodies there's always something more to be done.

Enter a full Focus RS roof wrap courtesy of a roll of Rwraps® Matte Black vinyl. If you want to see al of the photos (and it's worth it) go check out the product page, but suffice it to say that the Matte Black lends a subtle feel of sophistication to the overall all look. The fact that it' applied on the roof and spoiler just adds to that sleeper feel n case anyone thought this was just another Focus commuter.

Rwraps® Matte Racing Stripes

Of course, no Chevy can idly stand-by and be done in by a Ford. Granted, the 2015 Camaro far outclasses the Focus in terms of power and size but that's not the point. Really though, what's better than yellow Camaro with satin black racing stripes. Nothing else says power, speed and a day at the drag races better than a striped muscle car. Interesting enough, around the same time that we received the above photos we got a couple of other pony car submission with Matte Yellow, Matte Orange, Matte White and Matte Purple rolls used as racing stripes. No cutting or trimming took place, all of these customers just used the 12" wide rolls to get the look they were going for.

The Chevy Camaro: Old and New

The Camaro was born in 1966 as GM's riposte to the Ford Mustang (if you're like me, you may have mistakenly assumed the Corvette was the Mustang's rival). The Camaro and its sister, the Pontiac Firebird, were designed to deliver the sports car to the average driver. Camaros and Firebirds featured a long hood, short deck, seating for four, and a unitized body construction with a separate front subframe. There were only initially only two Camaro models, the Sport Coupe and the Convertible but they offered a number of options.

The two Camaros featured in today's post are 4th and 5th Generation models. For the Fourth Gen Camaro, GM brought back the famous “SS” model and offered 25 more hp over the already powerful Z28 along with other performance enhancements designed by SLP Engineering. The hood and front end were redesigned in 1998 partly to accommodate the new “LS1” V8 for the Z28 so there are some mid-generation aesthetic differences to be noted.

The 5th Gen Camaro was released in 2006 and represented the return of the Camaro after a hiatus. Production on the 5th Generation Camaro began in 2009 and entered the market as a 2010 model. Its retro design takes after the 1969 model but is based on a completely new rear wheel drive chassis and is built in Oshawa, Ontario. Whichever of these beauties you own, Matte Vinyl Rwraps® can help to restyle, customize and upgrade just the way you want. Sure, racing stripes are a good option but they're certainly not the only one. Whether you want to wrap your hood or roof, do a Matte Black chrome delete on your window trim or add a muted Matte Orange look to your rims, we've got something for everyone.

Rwraps® Matte Vinyl: Perfect for Your Cricut Vinyl Cutter

Not only can you use our twelve inch wide rolls as racing stripes right out of the box but they're also perfect for use in your own vinyl cutter. Whether you've got a Gerber profession vinyl cutter or a hobby-grade Cricut in your den, our Rwraps® are perfectly sized to be fed into your machine. And, at 3M™il thick, they can be easily cut into any shape you desire. Just take a look at the tricolor racing stripes on this Scion FRS.

Matte Chrome Dash Wraps

So far we've only focused on the exterior use of our Matte Rwraps® but we wanted to briefly shine a spotlight on how good they look on the interior too. Our Matte Blue Chrome wrap kit gives a subtle but attractive look that's not bling like our reflective, mirror Blue Chrome so it's perfect for use in your interior. If you were worried about the conformability of our Rwraps® Mate films, worry no more as this picture shows just how well it applies to curves and corners. Got an idea for your dash? Let us help you get the look of dipped goodness today with an Rwraps® Matte dash wrap!

Matte Wraps — Endless Possibilities

In today's post we've shown you just a few of the things you can do with our Rwraps® Matte vinyl film. Despite mostly being filled with Fords and Chevrolet's, we still think you now have a better idea of the performance and appearance of our Matte series. So, when you want the look of dip but just can't handle the mess and the horrible durability, upgrade your ride with an Rwraps® Matte wrap kit. Oh, and when you submit your installation photos we'll hook you up with up to a $20 Cash Back Rebate plus you'll get feature here on our site too!

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