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    When you're looking for a large format camouflage vinyl wrapping film look no further than Rwraps™ Brown camouflage wraps. We've all seen the Lambo camouflage wraps and who doesn't want to get that look? Rwraps™ car wraps are a specially formulated wrapping film with pressure sensitive adhesives featuring air-release technology for bubble-free results. Just clean and prepare the hard, non-porous surface you intend to wrap, heat the film and squeegee on. UV stable and guaranteed not to fade, crack or peel for 3 years.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-CAM-007

    Rwraps™ Brown Large Format Camouflage Features

    • Brown Camouflage Large Format films are ideal for complete vehicle wraps
    • UV-coated, printed film with air-release liner
    • 3 mil (.003") film means it goes on smooth
    • Dimensionally stable film won't discolor during installation
    • Available in multiple widths by the foot in lengths up to ten yards

    Rwraps™ Brown Large Format Camouflage Wraps   

    Rwraps™ Large Format Brown camouflage wraps are ideal for use as complete vehicle wraps. In fact, the pattern is so large that it just won't look like the brown-gray-black-white pattern it is if you install it as dash wrap.

    Brown Camouflage Large Format Wrap Suggested Applications

    We suggest the following applications for this camouflage wrap:

    • Complete vehicle wraps
    • Tabletops, backsplashes and wall trim
    • Deer stands and man cave walls

    Rwraps™ Large Format Brown Camouflage Vinyl

    • Color: Black, Brown, Gray on White Field
    • Finish: Semi-Gloss
    • Adhesives: Pressure-activated, air-egress
    • Recommended Uses: Signage, Interior, Exterior, Automotive, Architectural
    • Conformability: Flat, convex & concave surfaces
    • Thickness: 3 mil (0.003 inches)
    • Application Type: Dry

    Get the Look You Want & Cash Back Too

    When you install this Rwraps™ film, take five or six shots of your work and write up a quick review you can get up to $20 Cash Back. Just send your pics and review into us and we'll post them to our site, upload a video montage to our YouTube channel and send you your rebate refund in no time.

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