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Custom Buick dash kits mean that a true custom interior is finally within your reach. Why spend hundreds of dollars to have a so-called professional paint or upgrade your interior when you can use one of our custom-designed, DIY dash kits for your Buick and pay less than $100? don't be confused by competitors who claim their dash covers are custom. At Rvinyl we truly take the time to make a precut dash kit for your model and year Buick that will fit like a glove and completely restyle your interior. Buy a custom dash kit today and give yourself a touch of luxury as it should be in your Buick.

Manufacturer Part Number: CDK-1847
  • Customize your Buicks interior in less than 60 minutes
  • Precision designed to be applied over your existing trim
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions
  • Semi-permanent adhesive is ideal for leased vehicles
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Eligible for Cash Back Photo Rebate

Buick Custom Dash Trim Kits

Custom dash kits let you personalize your Buick's interior trim quickly, easily and at a price anyone can afford. Why pay a detail shop hundreds or even thousands of dollars to customize your interior when you can do it yourself with a Buick custom dash kit for under $100? Besides, would you really want to trust your Lacrosse, Lucerne or Verano to anyone else? For over a decade we have specialized in designing and fabricating custom dash kits for all models of Buick and we are proud to be able to carry that tradition of excellence into the 21st Century. When you order a custom dash kit from us you tell us exactly what you need: the year, model, shifter type and a number of other important details that help us to design a custom-fit dash kit for you. Then you choose the color or finish of your trim kit from over 100 different options such as carbon fiber, woodgrain, chrome or brushed aluminum just to name a few.

Once you've purchased your custom Buick trim kit you will receive a follow up email asking you to confirm your vehicle's details. We do this because it is necessary to design your custom kit and because all custom dash kits are non-refundable due to the expense we incur in designing the interior trim just for you. But, since every custom Buick dash kit we design carries a Lifetime Warranty and is designed specifically for your Buick's interior, you've got nothing to worry about. After you place your order you can expect to receive an email notifying you of shipment within 7 to 14 business days.

A True Custom Dash Kit

When you buy a custom dash kit for your Buick you want something that isn't merely custom-designed in name only. Most of our customers come to us after having searched high and low for so-called custom dash kits for their Roadmaster, Allure or Skylark and discover that the competition is offering dash covers instead. At Rvinyl, you get a true, custom designed dash kit with precut trim pieces in the finish of your choice designed to accentuate your interior. Why waste your time searching elsewhere  when the custom dash trim you've been searching for is right here?

Of course, it's only natural to ask which pieces will be included in your custom Buick dash trim kit and, if we could tell you in advance we would. But, due to the truly custom nature of these accent trim kits we just don't know which pieces will be included since they need to be designed on a per case basis and the actual trim included will depend on the shape and contours of your Buick's interior as well as the limitations of the material. In general, however, we've found that the custom dash kits usually contain the following pieces:

  • Shifter surrounds and insert trim
  • Door control trim
  • Air and defogger vent surrounds
  • Accent trim and surrounds for climate controls
  • Radio and navigation trim

Most custom dash trim kits include many more pieces than those listed above and we suggest you check out some of our pre-designed Buick kits like the Terraza, Regal and Enclave to get a better idea of the way most kits are designed. In addition, since these kits are truly custom designed for you we can often (though not always) accommodate special requests for additional trim. Just be sure to let us know when you reply to the order details email.

Custom Dash Kits: Luxury as It Should Be

At Rvinyl, we take pride in designing and crafting custom dash kits for your Buick that complement the sculptural design philosophy embodied by late model Buicks. You can rest assured that any Buicks custom dash kit you purchase will fit seamlessly in your interior and give you a look and feel of true luxury just as it should be. But, accuracy of fit is only half of the equation; the other half is installation. That's why we have done our level best to provide you with detailed yet succinct and easy to follow instructions that walk you through every step in the process. From cleaning and preparation to installation and aftercare, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips with our single-sheet instruction sheet that ships with every kit. Not a big reader? That's what videos are for. Be sure to check out our growing collection of installation guides and tutorials optimized for mobile viewing so you can watch while you install.

Once you've successfully installed your Buick dash kit don't forget to take photos of it and upload them or send them in to us for our Cash Back photo rebate. How does it work? Simple. Take 5 or more photos from multiple angles, send them to us and within a few days you'll get a refund of up to $20 on your order. You'll also be featured on our site and blog so you'll get a little fame too. Where else can you get great warranties, cash back, fame and custom design for your Buick? Nowhere! Hurry up and buy a custom Buick dash kit today before these promos go away forever.

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Does this kit include pieces to cover up all of the existing factory wood grain trim? There is a piece of wood grain trim across most of the dash? I want to cover up all of the wood trim on my 2012 Lacrosse.
Boydnhere June 20, 2019 9:33 PM
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Great question! No precut dash kit is made to cover existing OEM or factory trim (which is, itself, actually aftermarket). We would recommend a dash wrap to completely cover the wood grain trim: 3M™ Buick Dash Wraps
Mike June 21, 2019 8:05 AM