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Buick precut window tints by Rtint are a great way to quickly add style to the sculpted beauty of your Lacrosse, Verano or Lucerne. Buick is at the forefront of an American automotive renaissance that witnesses the blending of style, luxury and convenience so it only makes sense to add the right window tint to complete the experience of driving one of these amazing machines. Precut, made-to-order Buick window tints are easy to order, simple to install and give you the look and protection you want so what are you waiting for? Our prices won't be this low forever so don't delay, buy today!

Specially designed for pain-free installation, our Buick DIY window tint kits are made using CAD technology and are machine cut for a perfect fit. Made from an ultra-thin, single ply film the tints are quick and easy to install. In addition to ease of use we've also taken the time to make sure that the ordering process is as painless as possible too. Use our intuitive drop down menus to quickly choose your year, make and model Buick or locate your model on the page above listed alphabetically. Once you have your car all you need to do is choose the tint kit you want (complete or partial) and your desired shade. We offer 5%, 20%, 35% and 50% so you can get the look you want while staying legal too!

In less than a minute you can find what you need, add it to your cart and be on your way. But before you checkout you may want to consider adding some tools and application fluids—unless you're a professional installer. Our most popular selling tool is the complete professional window tint application kit by Gila. it includes everything you need to tint your windows: application fluid, a conqueror squeegee, a razor blade and a micro-fiber cloth. And, when you bundle it with your Buick window tint kit order you save as compared to when you buy it separately. Oh, and if you need to remove old tint, you'll want to pick up a pro window tint remover kit as well.

What You Get with a Buick Window Tint Kit

Still on the fence? Hopefully, if we just point out some of the benefits of DIY Buick window tint kits you won't be. So, here goes:

  • Our window tint kits cost up to 75% less than the cost of having your windows tinted by a shop!
  • The right Buick window tint can gives you pricvacy both while driving and parked.
  • You save money on window tint by buying only what you need with our full or partial kits.
  • Every purchase comes with a 3-year warranty and optional Lifetime Warranty for purchase.

With Rtint Buick precut tint you will save money, protect your stuff and can buy knowing you're covered by an iron-clad warranty so what are you waiting for?

A Quick Ship & Cash Back

If you're still reading, chances are that we haven't quite won you over but we suspect that what we have to say next will have you reaching for your wallet. Did you know that we pride ourselves on our quick shipping and rapid fulfillemnt? That's right, all orders are made to order and ship out within one business day. That means that if you order on Thurdsday night at 11:30pm, your window tint kit will ship out first thing Friday! And, because we us USPS, you may even get your order delivered to your door on Saturday!

There's no better advertisement than a happy customer which is why we offer our cash back rebate program. Simply send in at least 5 photos of your Buick window tint installed using our upload page or via email and, once we receive and review them, you get up to a $20 refund to your account. Not only that but we'll also be posting your photos to our front page, blog and social media sites. So, you get the look of expensive window tint, the fame of having it showcased online and money back for doing. Really, there's just no excuse so go ahead and buy your tint kit now!

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Window tint kit
by Al, OH 4.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I was impressed about the product just the processing took a little while but other then that it's good with me.

I have not received my product yet
by IDoWhatIHave2Do, Germany 4.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I have not received my product yet. I will also need to get someone to help me install it. I am short with short arms and I want it to look nice. Please allow more time before bombarding me with emails to leave a review.

2015 Buick LaCrosse Pre-Cut Tint Kit
by cphelps906, WI 4.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
recieved exactly what I ordered. I've never done a tint job before. I screwed up two windows. I haven't yet but, I can see that I can order replacements for windows that don't turn out at a discounted price after purchasing the kit. (Thank God!) LOL Overall, I'm happy, just tedious to install. A somewhat fun tinker job if that's your thing.


4.63 | 12 Reviews