Chevrolet Trailblazer Window Tint Kits

First conceived as a luxury level trim of the 1999 Chevy Blazer, the Trailblazer came into its own as a mid-size SUV in 2002. The Trailblazer replaced the smaller Blazer and evoked a sense of style and refinement missing in its predecessor. Made to capture the hearts and minds of middle-class families that were attracted to the Ford Explorer, the Trailblazer came standard with a ton of amenities and safety features. Add the final amenity and safety feature with a precut window tint kit from Rtint™ and ride in comfort and style.

Reasons to Buy Rtint™ Precut Window Tint

Rtint® Trailblazer window tints give you a bunch of advantages over the competition such as:

  1. Our order-by-picture interface
  2. The choice of popular shades like 50, 35, 20 or 5%
  3. A standard 3-Year Warranty or upgrade to our Lifetime Warranty
  4. Get up to $20 Cash Back with our photo rebate program

Send Your Photos for Cash

As soon as you've installed your Rtint® Chevy Trailblazer window tint kit be sure to send us 5 or 6 photos, write up a brief review of your experience and send it in to us. Within a few days' time we'll review your submissions and issue your rebate.  Really, where else can you get the look you want and up to a $20 Cash Back refund?

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by Dylan , Babb MT 3.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Did not receive my pre cut tint pack I order (keep in mind I tried contacting Rvinyl via email) that was 168.99 got my visor strips but didn’t get my package nor receive any info on my package that I paid for already and contacted them about

Very happy
by April S, Oklahoma 5.00

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Very half with my purchase. It installed very easy I messed up first price and had to re order but I’m very satisfied with the quality and ease of install.

I purchased the precut 35% Tint for my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer
by Jerry H, Colorado 5.00

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I purchased the precut 35% Tint for my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer and the tint fit perfectly on my vehicle windows, there was no need to trim anything. since this was my first time ever installing Tint on a vehicle it did take me 6 hours to get everything perfect. I had to watch YouTube videos to know what to do but if your experienced with tint then it should take you 2 hours to do everything, maybe 1 hour if you're an expert. I highly recommend this product and would buy it again when I purchase a new vehicle. I checked tint shops around my area and it would cost me $240 to get my vehicle tinted by the professionals. $40 is a better deal and looks like the professionals did it, I had to pay $20 to get a squeegee, rag, and spray.

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4.75 | 9 Reviews