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Apply Chevrolet window tint kits quickly and easily by using the right tools for the job. Whether you need a complete Gila® window tint application kit the features slip solution or just the Conqueror™ Rvinyl carries a full line of tinting tools. From the world class Lil Chizler™ to the big mamma of squeegees the Red Devil™ we have what it takes to get your tint installed on the first try!

Manufacturer Part Number: Rtint-WTTS-030
Window Tint Application Tools &

Window Tint Application Tools & Fluids

Precut window tint by Rtint® is the smart way to go when you want to save yourself time and money buy installing your own tint. But, even though all of our precut window tints are made specifically to fit your year, make and model that doesn't mean you can just peel ad stick and expect professional looking results. If you've ever tinted your vehicle's windows before your know that, in addition to quality window tints, you also need to have the right tools. That's why we've made it easy for you to get them all in one place.

So whether you're looking for an all-in-one kit like the Gila® FS600 application package, a squeegee or pop and pick, we've got it all here. Just use our intuitively designed, graphic interface to choose the window tint application kits, tools and fluids you want to add by selecting their image. Who else lets you order by picture? And not only is ordering quick and easy but you'll get the best prices on these tools and fluids anywhere — just check our Price Match guarantee if you don't believe us! We've briefly described all of the available tools we offer below but don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information about any of them or the process of window tinting in general.

Gila® Professional Window Tint Application Kit

Gila's professional window tint application kit is a window tinter's best friend. Made for professionals and DIY tint installers alike this kit has everything you need to successfully install your precut Rtint® window tint kit. Each kit comes with a spray bottle that is pre-filled with window tint fluid, a Conqueror squeegee, an Olfa-style, retractable razor blade and a micro-fiber, lint free cloth. If you're only going to buy one tool be sure it's this one and you won't regret it!

Conqueror Squeegee

The Conqueror squeegee has reached almost legendary status among window tinters. It's convenient and handy design means it acts as three window tint tools in one: a scraper, a squeegee and a gasket separator. What's more, it has a rubberized squeegee surface to ensure that you get the smoothest spread and coverage without damaging the film you're working on. Conqueror squeegees are made right here in the USA and will last a lifetime of use.

Lil Chizler

The Lil Chizler is the ultimate combination of a squeegee and scraper. Thin enough to get under the gasket seals of your windows, it sports a convenient triangular design and razor thin edges. Perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand you'll see why good things really do come in small packages when you use the Lil Chizler on your next project.

Red Devil

The Red Devil squeegee has a unique four-in-one design for a variety of uses. Use it during application to smooth on window film or even as a straight edge for cutting precise lines.

Gasket Tool

This dual-edged Gasket Tool is made from heavy duty plastic and, at eight inches in length, fits perfectly in your hand. This tool is ideal for separating the gasket seals of your windows so that you can gently slide your precut window tints underneath for a perfect, seamless fit.

Squeegee & Friction Sleeves

Our standard squeegee is made from durable yet flexible plastic and is the perfect tool to smooth and spread just about any material. In fact, these squeegees are commonly used for headlight tints, taillight tints and graphic applications but work just as well with window tint. These squeegees are also designed for use with Friction Sleeves which slip on over the squeegee and prevent scuffing and damage to delicate films.


When you need to trim a precut window tint or even hand-cut a roll of window film there's no better option than one of our Olfa-style, retractable razor blades. Made using premium quality materials these blades are meant tofr the long haul, since they are made to snap off sectionally when the edge begins to become blunted.

Burnishing Tools

Also known as "pop and picks," our burnishing tools are made from untreated wood blanks with a steel needle point embedded at one end and an angled surface at the other. The ideal tool for lifting window films and precut tint pieces off of the clear liner this is a tool we use all day long at Rvinyl and one which we're sure you'll come to love as well.



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