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Chevrolet 3M Paint Restoration System is a nine piece kit designed to restore your vehicle's finish to a factory shine. This is a do-it-yourself system includes a trio of 3M refinishing compound: Scratch Remover Plus, Shine Restorer and Synthetic Wax Protectant. Apply these products in a 3-step color coded process using a 6-inch orbital sander or polisher (sold separately). All foam pads needed and a patented 3M scratch eraser pad for manual scratch removal are included to help your restore your paint finish to an OEM glow.

Manufacturer Part Number: 3M-39084

Chevrolet-2 3M Headlight Restoration System

  • Restores cloudy oxidized and yellow dull lenses
  • Improves nighttime visibility and outward appearance of your vehicle
  • Includes simple step-by-step installation instructions
  • No special tools necessary for installation
  • Contains 6 sanding discs, 4 finishing discs, 2 refining discs, 2-1 oz rubbing compound, and 1 foam pad

This kit can be used on just about any vehicle with plastic lenses such as cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, snowmobiles, emergency vehicle light bars and motorcycle lights. It's not even limited to headlights! You can use it on fog lights, tail lights and directional turn signals too! There is no need to replace your OEM lights without first trying your own DIY restoration project using this 3M Plastic Light restoration system. Professional restoration costs run upwards of $150.00 and OEM replaced can cost substantially more than that making this DIY restorer option very economical. This kit includes everything needed to restore two headlight lenses, excluding the optional, but recommended user-supplied household drill (1200-1600 rpm), automotive tape, clean cloth, and clean spray bottle.

The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is designed to give do-it-yourselfers an easy and affordable way to repair their vehicle's plastic lens surfaces, virtually removing all signs of oxidization, yellowing and hazing. With a variety of graded sanding pads, pad holders, buffing pads, polish and detailed instructions, it includes everything users need to return your lights to an OEM condition. Although no tools are required you can turn your household drill into a low cost alternative to purchasing an orbital sander or polisher. The pads are velcro hook backed and compatible with a six inch orbital machine.

The steps for using the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System are as easy as 1-2-3. First, sand the hazed surface in a two-stage wet sanding process with the enclosed sanding pads until the surface is smooth and the dulled layer is removed. Then polish with the 3M plastic polish, and buff with the buffing pad to the level of clarity desired in the plastic. You will also need 3M Automotive Masking Tape to protect the body panels of your car surrounding the work area, and a spray bottle and water used in the wet sanding process. Otherwise, everything that you need is included in the kit for hand application. You can have great looking lights in under an hour!

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