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Chrome Wraps and Films

Chrome Wraps and Films

Chrome wraps and films allow you to outfit a vehicle or another surface with the appearance of high-quality, reflective chrome. Select from various brands that feature distinct advantages and colors. You can expect top chrome wraps and films to last a long time indoors and outdoors, while giving a surface an attractive chrome appearance for less than the cost of paint.

As you look for chrome car wraps, you may want to know more about some of the top brands available and how you can use them for a variety of applications.

What Are Chrome Vinyl Wraps?

Chrome vinyl wraps and finishes are a type of vinyl wrap commonly applied to vehicles to improve their appearance. Since chrome is one of the most visible and attractive finishes you can add to your vehicle, craft project and signage, it's no surprise many DIY types love to use it for various projects. Chrome is a major attention-grabber, drawing eyes to signage or a car cruising down the road.

While chrome vinyl can come in many colors, all types share a metallic quality. The gleam can even be reflective. Many car owners love to place it on their vehicles, as the shine makes any car look more luxurious. No matter what you want to wrap, chrome vinyl is the perfect choice for those who want to stand out. 

Like other wraps, chrome wraps are usually a thin, yet durable, sheet of vinyl. Alternatives to chrome vinyl wraps include metalized and polyester films. These films aren't for wraps, but can still make for excellent graphics when cut from a plotter cutter. The metalized or polyester film provides a chrome-like finish you're sure to love.

What Types of Craft Vinyl Are Available?

Various craft vinyl types are available for potential customers to select from. Some of the best brands are Avery™, 3M™, Rwraps™ and ORACAL®. By carrying all these brands, we offer customers several different kinds of colors, sizes and styles of chrome wraps. For example, we stock over 50 colors of craft vinyl, making it easy for you to find a color that meets your vision for a project. 

Check out some of the highlights of the primary brands of chrome wraps we offer below.

chrome craft vinyl

3M™ Chrome Vinyl Wraps

3M™ offers 1080 Series and 2080 Series chrome wraps. The 1080 Series comes in silver chrome, which wraps and stretches around surfaces. It even offers up to 130% stretch capabilities around corners and curves. The 5.9-mil-gauge wrap is very durable and offers a mirror finish that looks exactly like real chrome. You can buy the wrap by the foot, with the standard width being 60 inches. 

These vinyl wraps are also easy to install, with pressure-activated adhesives featuring air-release channels and a dry application. You don't have to use any special chemicals or tools to install the wraps. All you need to install them is a hairdryer for heat, a squeegee and a clean surface. 

The 2080 Series offers many features of the preceding 1080 series, with even more features and improvements. Like the 1080 Series, you'll still receive a mirror finish and 130% stretch capabilities. This series of 3M™ chrome wraps also come with a one-year lifespan, a 5.9-mil-thick film, Gloss Silver Chrome color and a standard 60-inch-wide film. 

What sets these multicast vinyl films apart from their predecessor is the new features that make them even easier to install. Due to the Controltac™ adhesives and Comply™ air-channel technology, you can easily reposition the chrome while installing or snap it up when you want to give a vehicle or surface a new look. 

Avery Dennison™ Chrome Wraps

Avery Dennison™ SF100 Conform Chrome Cast Film is another popular option among car owners who want to wrap their vehicles. One of the major advantages of these chrome films is how long they last. Their cast 5.7-mil-thick film is highly durable, lasting for six years outdoors. This durability means your wrap won't discolor or fade quickly.

Additionally, they come in many colors, such as black, blue, gold, red and silver chrome options. With all the color options available, you can find a look for your vehicle you'll love. These wraps' high-gloss mirror finish catches the eye and provides an attractive chrome appearance. Once applied to a surface, these chrome wraps have the appearance of real chrome, giving you the high-quality look you want at cost-effective prices. 

Avery Dennison™ wraps also come with a 48-inch width, which allows you to wrap almost any panel on your vehicle with ease and without seams. The permanent clear acrylic adhesive won't damage your paint underneath and makes application simple. Additionally, the Easy Apply™ RS technology makes installation a snap, without any bubbles from the application. These chrome car wraps conform over flat surfaces and simple curves.

Rwraps™ Chrome Vinyl Wraps 

Want the look of Avery™ or Arlon Automotive chrome film, but don't want to pay the price? Rwraps™ Chrome Vinyl Film Wraps have you covered, as we offer a wider variety of mirror chrome colors than anyone at an incredibly affordable price. Take your pick of six great colors of chrome vinyl, such as black, blue, gold, purple, red and silver

 Due to this chrome vinyl wrap's design, you can wrap just about anything you can think of with this do-it-yourself wrapping film. The wraps' air channel release technology is perfect for vehicles, giving users the ability to wrap everything from more simple curves to complex ones. They also come with a bubble-free design for a sleek, reflective finish after installation. As long as you have a smooth and nonporous, hard surface, you can install these chrome wraps with ease. 

These 3-mil-thick vinyl wraps come with aclear liner that protects your liner from the threat of scuffing while you install the wrap. Additionally, the pressure-active glue these wraps use as an adhesive makes it easy to install them and keeps them secure on a vehicle's exterior. With all of these installation features, they're ideal for the amateur or seasoned DIY installer.

Those who purchase these wraps have plenty of options in terms of size. Rwraps® are available in rolls up to 10 yards and come in 12-, 24- and 60-inch widths, making it simple for you to find the right size for your applications. All of the sizes you can select give you the ability to easily wrap your entire vehicle or add chrome accents to your interior trim or pillars.

ORACAL® Metalized Chrome

If you're looking for chrome film for smaller-scale projects, ORACAL® Series 351 Metalized Chrome and ORACAL® 352 Chrome Print Polyester Film are exceptional choices. Both options are 0.9 mil thick and are easy to use with plotter cutters to create sign graphics and other craft projects. Many users rely on either of these films for lettering, cut graphics and detailing scrollwork. 

The 351 Series and 352 Series of films also last up to two years outdoors, giving you the peace of mind that they'll look great for a long time. Either option also conforms well on simple curves and flat surfaces. When you install both kinds of these ORACAL® films, their adhesives and design make installation a breeze. As for colors, the 351 Series and 352 Series both offer chrome, gold and matte chrome.

If you want greater thickness, the 352 series also has a 2.0-mil option alongside the 0.9. The 352 Series features low ooze characteristics to make it easy to transfer and weed the film. Additionally, the polyester vinyl used for the series gives them even more dimensional stability and features a silicone-coated paper liner to make installation incredibly simple.

Cover Applications for Chrome Vinyl

Worried that you won't be able to use our chrome wraps for a job? Don't be. You can install indoor and outdoor-rated Rwraps™, 3M™ and Avery Dennison™ chrome wraps on many different surfaces to enhance their appearance. While many users love to put chrome on their vehicles, you may not have considered many other uses. Essentially, you can put chrome on just about anything. 

Applications for Chrome Vinyl

As you think about how you can use chrome, consider a few of the most common end uses:

  • Complete or partial vehicle wraps
  • Interior dashboard wraps
  • ATV and motorbike wraps
  • Chrome trim accents
  • Architectural applications
  • Business and personal signage
  • Racing stripes
  • Interior trim
  • Hoods and trunks
  • Mirrors
  • Craft vinyl projects

Oracle® chrome is perfect for smaller applications, such as covering moldings and decorations. For more professional applications, you can use them for technical plates, decorative labels and nameplates. Additionally, users often cut these films for chrome-cut lettering, graphics, symbols and safety stickers. 

Benefits of Using Chrome Wraps

There are several reasons many car owners and DIY enthusiasts choose chrome wraps over getting new paint jobs. Chrome vinyl wraps offer exceptional pricing and can last for many years before needing replacement. Additionally, they can give your car a fresh new look that's indistinguishable from chrome paint and even provide some protection over the exterior of your vehicle or another surface. 

benefits of chrome wraps

Learn more about the benefits of using chrome vinyl wraps below.

  • Fresh new appearance: Chrome wraps are especially popular among car owners who want to give their vehicle a sleek, metallic look. The wraps can cover a dull old paint job, making the vehicle look luxurious and attractive. It's also possible to apply chrome wraps to various appliances and surfaces to make them look more high-scale. With all of the colors available, you can find a wrap that fits your sense of style.
  • Cost-effective: Another exceptional benefit of chrome wraps is how affordable they are compared to paint. For example, you can wrap your car in high-quality, attractive chrome for a fraction of the cost it would take to have it painted. With the cost-effective pricing, you can give your vehicle or another surface more visual appeal, swapping out a new chrome finish quickly when you're ready for a fresh look.
  • Long-lasting: Some vinyl chrome wraps can last for up to six years, meaning you can receive an excellent return on your investment. You can expect these films to hold up over time, not peeling or degrading. 
  • Paint and exterior protection: Another great feature of chrome vinyl wraps is that they form a protective shield over your vehicle's exterior. Since these films cover your paint, they prevent scratches, chipping and hazardous environments. If your film gets damaged, it's much more affordable to replace than it would be to get a section repainted. 

Top Available Premium-Quality Chrome Wraps and Films

Choose from Rwraps™ or Avery™ SF 100 chrome wrapping vinyl if you want to wrap your car, truck or SUV and take advantage of their full range of colors and true-to-life mirror chrome styles. 

Need a craft or sign chrome film made for cutting, weeding and transferring lettering, labels and graphics? Pick up a roll of ORACAL® 351 Metalized Polyester Chrome film. Need to print on chrome films? Choose ORACAL® 352 Printable Chrome Polyester film and enjoy the benefits of this short-term-rated, adhesive-backed foil.

More Than a Great Price

When you buy Rwraps™ chrome vinyl, you should know that you're getting more than just a great price. Because we cater to the DIY installers, all of our chrome wraps feature pressure-sensitive adhesives with air-release channels, so you get bubble-free results without needing to use messy fluids or glues. Clean the surface you want to wrap and apply the film using some heat and a squeegee. 

Once you finish, remove the film's clear protective liner to reveal a lustrous, reflective shine. Best of all, you get your pick of three widths and sheet lengths of up to 10 yards, so you only have to buy what you need.

Have Any Questions? Contact Rvinyl

At Rvinyl, we're proud to outfit our customers with high-quality vinyl for vehicle customization and craft projects. We're so proud of our products that we offer rebates to customers who submit photos and leave product reviews on our site. With our vast selection of wraps, your only limit is your imagination. Keep it simple and pick up a roll today! 

If you have any questions about our wraps, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help. Contact us today to speak with a representative.

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