Adam's 2008 Crossfire Red Carbon Fiber Dash Kit

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Adam's Red Carbon Fiber Crossfire Dash Kit

2004 - 2008 Chrysler Crossfire Dash Kits

The Cash Back Photo Rebate strikes again. This time it's a set of pics almost too good to be believed. We've always loved the Crossfire here at Rvinyl and we finally have customer installation photos featuring a red carbon fiber dash kit and wrap. Adam did an amazing install job on the precut, custom Crossfire dash kit but the wrap he did behind the headrests is phenomenal! Honestly, if you didn't know if was wrapped in red carbon fiber vinyl you would think it was factory!

2004-2008 Chrysler Crossfire Dash Kit Diagram

What's in a Dash Kit?

If you're reading this it's almost certain that you already know hat an Rdash® custom dash kit is...but, just in case you don't we're going to take a minute to tell you what it is. Your first clue is in the form of the picture shown above. You see, the schematic diagram of the Crossfire dash kit shows you all of the precut pieces you get when you buy the kit. Rdash® dash kits are made specifically for your year, make and model vehicle (just use our drop-down menu to quickly find the right one for you) and give you a choice of over 60 different finishes.

Adam chose red 3D carbon fiber and I have to say that it was a smart choice (even if I'm still waiting for pics of a sticker bomb dash kit). In addition to the dash kit he also bought a sheet of red carbon fiber vinyl which is the same stuff that the dash trim kit's made from to wrap other areas in the vehicle. If you take a look at the dash kit diagram you'll notice that it doesn't offer the trim behind the seats — that's where the wrap comes in. As far as we know, we're the only company out there that offers precut dash kits and vinyl wraps made from the same material so you can completely customize all areas of your vehicle with the same look.

Adam's Red Carbon Fiber Crossfire Dash Kit

Custom Cut for Easy Application

As you can see from the close-up above, the pieces of the carbon fiber dash kit have been custom cut to fit perfectly over the existing dash. The look is great but, as you can probably tell, the dash trim kit is made to act as an accent. If you already had factory trim in your ride it would look pretty strange to overlay it with a different kit. In such cases we always recommend choosing a custom dash wrap instead,

Red Carbon Fiber Crossfire Dash Wrap Red Carbon Fiber Crossfire Dash Wrap

Thanks Adam!

In all honesty, we got the better end of the deal even though Adam is enjoying two $20 rebate refunds for his submissions. If you happen to read this Adam, hit us up because we would love to send you some Crossfire headlight tint or taillight tints to see how they look. And, for the rest of you, we want to see your photos too so hurry up and buy your kits today!

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