Projektorz Ford Explorer 2006-2010 Headlight Covers

AVS® Ford Explorer 2006-2010 Projektorz™ Ford Explorer 2006-2010 Headlight Covers

Take your Ford Explorer 2006-2010 headlights to the next level. Projektorz™ covers are designed to fit your OEM headlamps. They are made from impact resistant acrylic, a durable and tough automtoive grade material. Injection molded to fit your headlights and expose only the lighted protion of your lights, you instantly get a modern projector style with the AVS logo to boot. Installation is...

Price: $99.55 Retail: $143.51

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2007 Ford Explorer Headlight Bezels

Putco® Headlight Bezels

Stop the presses! These headlight chrome trim rings are just too hot! These bezels are custom injection molded to the contours of your 2007 Ford Explorer's headlamps. Manufactured from automotive grade ABS chrome composite plastics, they are impact resistant, durable and a perfect match for exterior OEM chrome accents or fog light covers. Installing these bezels could not be easier, simple peel...

Price: $124.99 Retail: $145.43

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