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Acura MDX dash kits and vinyl interior wraps are an incredibly cost-effective way to restyle and refresh your interior. Don't pay a shop or pro hundreds of dollars to have them spray, paint or dip the interior of your MDX when you can pick up a DIY dash kit or dash wrap for a fraction of the price and get better looking results. Paints and sprays can cause permanent damage to your dash and there's always the possibility that the so-called pros can make a mistake, leaving you with a ruined dash. But, when you choose an Acura MDX dash kit or dash wrap you know that you'll be preserving the resale value of your luxury SUV and, depending on the type of wood dash kit you install, possibly even increasing it.

We mentioned that we sell different kinds of Acura MDX dash kits above and we'll briefly explain the differences here. Our most economical and thinnest dash kits are our Rdash® series dash trim kits. Made form ultra-thin laminates with semi-permanent adhesives, they blend seamlessly with your dash and can be safely removed. Automaxus dash kits are a hybrid dash modification for your MDX and are made using popular VHB tape for permanent installation but without the polyurethane coating of OEM-style kits. What this means is that you get a lower profile and the option of matte woodgrain and satin finishes like brushed aluminum, leather, etc. Benevento dash kits are a cut-above the rest and are the most popular brand of dash kit for Acura owners. Because Benevento has been the supplier of factory trim to GM and BMW you know that you're getting a high-quality product when you purchase an MDX dash kit from them. Made from premium materials and coated with a high-gloss, polyurethane resin, you'll enjoy a lifetime of quality and style with a Benevento MDX dash kit.

When you want something a little different or to cover over factory trim then you want an Rwraps® dash wrap. Made from the same great film as Rdash® trim kits, our Acura MDX dash wraps can be used in tandem to create a seamless appearance and flawless finish. With over 60 different colors and pattern to choose from you're really only limited by your imagination! And, once you do get the look you want in your MDX, be sure to use Meguiar's® interior detailing spray to keep it looking shiny and new.

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Fast Shipping with Great Quality Product!!!
by Jay M., Swansea, MA 4.50

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I have purchased from Rvinyl a number of times over the past few years, I have ordered a trim set for my 2003 Acura MDX. Their customer service was very prompt, shipping was fast and efficient. The quality of the carbon fiber finish product was really high and exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend them. Thumbs Up!

Happy w/ purchase. Thanx
by Linda G., Birmingham, AL 4.25

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Great way to customizing three inside of your RDX without having to drop a ton of cash. I went with the 4D carbon because I thought it looked the most "real" and pretty happy I did. High gloss finish, seamless install. Would recommend.

A High Standard Trim Kit!!!
by Thanh L., San Jose, CA 4.00

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I ordered a kit for my 2012 Acura MDX 3.7L with the technology package. I found the fitment excellent. The quality of the design for the price was awesome. Quick delivery, shipped the next day! This was exactly what I was searching for.....


4.29 | 6 Reviews