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The Acura TL is one of the marques longest running, luxury vehicles and it only makes sense to choose a dash kit that is made to the same exacting standards when you're thinking of upgrading or updating your interior trim. Benevento has been in the industry for over 30 yeas and has even been the OEM provider of high-quality dash trim to GM, Chevy and BMW. Designed using the latest computer technology, cut for precision with a powerful laser and hand poured to perfection for a high-gloss, polyurethane finish every Acura TL dash kit made by Benevento is as much a work of art as it is a triumph of engineering. Choose from options like wood grain, chrome, brushed aluminum and real carbon fiber.

Automaxus dash trim kits are a hybrid product combining the best of laser-cutting and CAD techniques with the incredible selection offered by Rdash® dash trim and dash warps. With over 60 different colors and finishes to choose from, Automaxus kits put you in control over the look and feel of your TL's interior. Made with permanent, VHB foam tape adhesives these kits can give you the coveted, matte finish look of European woodgrain since they are not coated with poly resin.

Rdash® and Rwraps® dash kits and wraps are the only products on the market made with semi-permanent adhesives so that they can be safely removed. What this means is that you can personalize your TL without sacrificing your resale value. Use these great interior kits together to completely customize your ride and don't forget to take pics and submit them for our $20 Cash Back photo rebate program!

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Acura TL Accessories

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Carbon Fiber 3D black It took me several hours and lots of patience, but I got some very good results.
by Brian D, Brentwood TN 4.75

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Carbon Fiber 3D black It took me several hours and lots of patience, but I got some very good results. The precision of the vinyl cuts were at times remarkable. Some of the pieces were a breeze to put on. Others required lots of work. These were typically where the surface curves and the flat vinyl needed to be stretched to fit. There were a few remaining pieces that I didn't want to use or didn't know what it went to. My only real complaint is the long L-shaped console trim pieces for my Acura TL. Not only were they surprisingly difficult to get on, the RVinyl didn't totally cover the trim. A 1-2mm band on the inside and a wide 4-5mm band on the outside. The outside would require additional pieces since it's 90 degrees from the main surface. Advice to newbies - don't skimp on the prep! Get a decent micro fiber cloth and clean, clean, clean with the water/alcohol solution. Any residual dirt or oil will make for a frustrating installation with sub-par results.Make: Acura Model: TL Year: 2004

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Product looks really nice
by Jose, Illinois 4.25

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Product looks really nice installation is a bit tricky some pieces where not cut right but overall I pleased with the kit

true to form
by Rickey Pope, Phoenix Arizona 3.25

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Color is not true to form on the interior kit.
The colors on my computer screen were more vivid in colors


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