Cadillac ATS Dash Kits

The Cadillac ATS is at the pinnacle of luxury and performance so it only makes sense to upgrade its interior with a premium dash kit if you didn't purchase the trim package from the dealership. As someone who's taken the time and spent the money to buy an ATS we know that quality's your top concern which is why we recommend all of our Cadillac customers buy only Benevento custom dash kits. Benevento has a 30 year history of incredible workmanship and can boast to be the only company on the market today to have provided factory trim to Cadillac.

All Cadillac ATS dash kits made by Benevento are custom designed by engineers using the latest CAD software, cut by an incredibly precise laser and hand lacquered with an attractive poly resin coating. Treat your ATS to a real carbon fiber upgrade, warm woodgrains, subtle brushed aluminum or flashy chrome. Benevento offers dozens of great finishes and every kit we sell is eligible for our $20 Cash Back photo rebate too!

Cadillac ATS Accessories

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Ultimate Wrap
by Mayra B., Fresno, CA 4.75

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To anyone looking to wrap the inside of their Cadillac in Carbon fiber, I highly recommend Rwraps. For the money, hands down it is worth it. I used a 24" x 60" sheet as I wanted to wrap a pretty large sections on my CTS-V. It is definitely much harder to do the inside than say the outside because of all the buttons. I used a hair dryer to soften the film and pressed it down with my thumb to see the outline of the buttons before cutting it which worked really well. It has a clean smooth look.
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by Ryan D., Blountsville, AL 4.25

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For vinyl, it's pretty high quality. I got a chrome kit, I really wanted to add just a few pieces so I didn't install the whole shebang! What I did install fit very well. It comes with a protective liner you have to take off to reveal that mirror finish. Positive experience.

Carbon fiber dash kit
by Elbert Thomas , Rochester Ny 4.25

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No diagram no name or number like shown on website to make sure you’re putting pieces in right place


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