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At the turn of the millennium, Lincoln debuted a new sports sedan that looked more like a BMW 3-Series than anyting coming out of Detroit. Just two years later, the LSE was released as an upgraded sports trim package wth bigger wheels, a spoiler and a sportier exterior. BY the end of its run, Lincoln had made more than 500 upgrades to the car and it still stands as one of the most successful and fn to drive Lincolns to have been produced in the last 20 years. Upgrade and personalize your LS with a custom dash kit from Rdash® or Benevento™ and bring your sport sedan back to its former glory.

Benevento™: A Tradition of Excellence

When you want a factory style trim kit that will actually add to the look and feel of your LS, you want a Benevento™ OEM-style dash kit. Designed and produced by a company with more than thirty years in the industry, every LS dash kit they sell is tested and designed using CAD software for precision fitment. When your order is placed, the craftsmen at Benevento™ laser-cut and hand lacquer every piece of your trim kit for a incredible accuracy and a high-gloss shine. And, you get peace of mind when you buy from Benevento™ because every trim kit they make is covered by their Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing.

Rdash® LS Trim Kits

Benevento™ dash kits are great if you're looking for a one-and-done upgrade but if you ever want to remove it, then you should think again: Benevento™ dash kits are made using permanent VHB adhesives that can actually remove parts of your dash if you try to take them off. For most people, this isn't a problem but for anyone who likes to change things up or is leasing their Lincoln, this could be. Rdash® dash kits give you the style and precision fit of Benevento™ but at a much lower price and in a semi-permanent material. Best of all, they can be removed at any time without causing damage because they're made using semi-permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesives. So, don't wait, start customizing your LS now!

Snap, Click & Save

We want to see our products installed on your dashboards and we're willing to pay you for it. All you have to do is take five or more high-quality shots of your dash kit installed, write up a brief review of your experience with it and we will issue up to a $20 Cash Back refund.




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i didn't expect the product to look as good as it did when it arrived
by Kevin C, DUNCAN, SC 5.00

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i didn't expect the product to look as good as it did when it arrived. best of all the product applied just as the instruction stated. I'm no professional installer but when showed to my neighbor he asked if he purchased some of the product would i do his new 2019


5.00 | 1 Reviews