Custom Dash Kits Uniquely Suited to Your Mercedes

Our Mercedes custom dash kits are designed according to the same principles used by Mercedes-Benz designers and complement every surface and perceptual element of the interior of your vehicle. At Rvinyl, we understand that quality, aesthetics and fitment are the primary concerns when you're looking to upgrade or modify the interior of your Benz with dash kits. So, whether you own an E-Class, a GLK, an SL or SLK, you know you have found your one stop shop for quality and performance.

Because Mercedes specializes in luxury, we recommend that our customers with late models choose only the finest in American made dash kits and buy a Benevento dash kit custom fit to their year, make, model and specific sub-model. Benevento is a company with over thirty years of experience in the industry and are experts at designing accent trim kits that fit your Benz like a glove while giving it the tasteful look it deserves. Made using computer designs and laser cutting technology and finished with hand-poured polyurethane for a high-gloss lacquered finish. Choose from great options like real carbon fiber dash kits, burled wood grains or brushed aluminums and customize your Mercedes to really make it your own.

If you've taken a look at our offerings but don't yet see a kit for your year, make and model there's no need to worry; you can still get the style and personalization you want and at a price you won't believe. As far as we know, we are the only company that currently offers custom Mercedes-Benz dash kits made to your specifications. You choose the options, the color, the finish and materials and we have the kit designed and shipped to your door, usually within two weeks' time. What could be better? So, get the complete luxury experience of a genuine, artisanal dash kit made for you right here in Brooklyn and buy from Rvinyl today.

Mercedes-Benz: Taking Interior Trim to the Next Level

There's just no questioning Mercedes-Benz position as the dominant European luxury brand and their dominance isn't bounded by the Atlantic to the West and the Caucasus Mountains to the East. Rather, Mercedes-Benz has reached the pinnacle of luxury and performance automotive design and engineering. As a result, one naturally expects Mercedes owners to be a discerning bunch who have high expectations of any aftermarket trim or dash kits they purchase for their vehicles. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, lets take a closer look at how the designers at Mercedes designs and produces these chariots of luxury and get an idea of what kind of dash kit patterns and styles might best complement their interiors.

Mercedes-Benz interior automotive designers are dedicated to the creation and realization of concepts that will be implemented in production vehicles and show cars as well as to inspire the designers of the future. Not only are these innovative and cutting edge design ideas conceived in Sindelfingen but are also at the Advanced Interior Design Studio in Como, Italy. These artisanal designers are held accountable for the entire sequence of design from inception through to final execution and are the reason for Benz' continued success.

Decisive and Nuanced Design

The design team creates the interior of all models of Mercedes passenger vehicles from the seating, door panels, steering wheels and dashboards. Each aspect of the interior requires a number of design specialists from industrial to automotive to textile to architectural designers. Once these designers contribute their talents, surface finish specialists select the color palette and material choices for the cabin, deciding upon woodgrains and brushed metals for every plane and surface. This is what is meant by a design language that is both nuanced and decisive and it is continually updated and modified through the design of each class.

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by Brian Haynes, RI 4.50

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My first time working with any vinyl. I think it would benefit to label each piece. I had to pull up the website and look at the picture of the kit and make out which was which. I did it in the dark in 10 degree weather so it wasn't a deal breaker, but would help to look at the vinyl and be able to see exactly where it goes. Some pieces didn't fit as good as I wanted it (right side of steering wheel.). Would I recommend or buy again? ABSOLUTELY!!
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by ariel malcolm, 4.50

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The product is good i alter some to fit but its great
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by Sebastian P, BRISTOL, CT 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
product came out very nicely some pieces were cut out 100% perfect but worked
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4.74 | 21 Reviews