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Subaru Dash Kit Wrap
Rwraps™ Dash Wraps
914 / 917 AirTec™ Vinyl Film
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3M 2080 Series Dash Kit Wrap Film
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Avery SW 900 Dash Kit Film
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SW900 Series Vinyl Film
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ORACAL 970RA Dash Kit Film
ORACAL® Dash Wraps
970RA / 975 Series Vinyl Film
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3M 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray Bottle
3M™ 39905 Ceramic Boost Spray
Ceramic Dash Protection
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Upgrade Your 1993 Subaru Impreza with a Custom Dash Kit

Rdash Dash Kits are known for their quality and customization options. Whether for a luxury sedan or a sporty convertible, Dash Kits add elegance. They are often DIY-friendly, offering a fun project for car enthusiasts. They can be easily cleaned, maintaining a fresh look. Dash Kits can be a cost-effective way to upgrade the interior. The quality of materials in Dash Kits ensures long-lasting elegance. Dash Trim Kits often come with detailed instructions for installation.

Interior Trim in Popular Colors and Finishes

The finishes can range from glossy to matte, allowing personalization. From black and grey to vibrant reds and blues, the color options are vast. Owners of 1993 Subaru Impreza can enjoy custom options that fit their vehicle. Custom dash kits enable matching with original or desired interior colors. Some finishes are designed to be scratch-resistant for added durability. Finishes that replicate exotic materials can provide a luxurious touch. Compatibility with the existing interior is key for a cohesive appearance.

Do-It-Yourself and Get Professional Results

Before starting, ensure that the dash kit is designed specifically for 1993 Subaru Impreza. Carefully read the installation instructions provided with the kit. Use a soft squeegee or cloth to smooth out any bubbles or imperfections. Allow the adhesive to cure for the time specified in the instructions for 1993 Subaru Impreza. Regular maintenance will ensure the longevity and appearance of the dash kit. Investing in a dash kit designed specifically for 1993 Subaru Impreza ensures optimal fit. Proper preparation, patience, and care are key to successful installation.

Upgrade Your 1993 Subaru Impreza Today

Explore our user-friendly website and discover the perfect fit for your 1993 Subaru Impreza. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with fast shipping and easy returns. Order now to take advantage of our current promotions and free installation guides. Our dash kits not only beautify but also protect the interior of your 1993 Subaru Impreza. Click on our website now and elevate your 1993 Subaru Impreza's interior to a new level of elegance. Your 1993 Subaru Impreza is waiting for a makeover that reflects your personality and style. Click the 'Buy Now' button and start the journey towards a stylish, enhanced driving experience.

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Real Carbon Fiber Interior...Sort Of
by Tommy W., Rincon, GA 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Product was packaged nice but took over a week to recieve it. It install pretty much like a sticker. I got the 4d carbon fiber because I wanted a real carbon fiber dash kit for my WRX STi, but couldn't afford it. As far as stickers and carbon goes it looks great.

by Mustang, 3.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Installation is easy. Looks decent.


4.13 | 2 Reviews