About Volkswagen Beetle Dash Kits

Volkswagen Beetle are precut to accent the contours of your vehicle’s interior. Engineered for enthusiasts and professional installers alike, these kits are the thinnest on the market and give a true custom look that you can normally only get with dash painting. With Rdash trim kits you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability so pick one up for today and enhance the look of your Volkswagen Beetle .

Because we carry more than 40 different color options for every trim kit, choosing the right finish for your Volkswagen Beetle may be the most time consuming part of the entire transaction. We take customization to a whole new level and know that color, finish and texture play an important role in showing your personality. You took the time to paint your hose and change your bedroom color, why not do the same with the cab of your car? But, once you’ve chosen your finish you’ll want to make sure you have all of the right tools for the job.

At Rvinyl, our success depends on your success so we offer a number of recommended tools and products to help you, many of which you can bundle with your dash kit purchase for ease of ordering and additional savings. We generally recommend that customers purchase surface cleaning and preparation products such as Rapid Prep as well as installation tools such as Squeegees with Friction Sleeves to ensure a quick and straightforward install.

Once you’ve installed your Volkswagen Beetle dash kit why not show it off? At Rvinyl, we have been running a photo rebate promotion for almost as long as we’ve been in business. So, how does it work? Simply take great photos of your work in a clean and well-lit setting (no dark, dirty garages please!) and send in at least four large, high-quality images to us. Once we receive them and approve them (we will let you know if you need to retake them) we will issue you about to a $20 credit or refund. We will then edit them and post them to our site, our Facebook page and everywhere in between. What could be better than that? Cash back for your Volkswagen Beetle and bragging rights too.

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Chrome Dash Kit Review
by Jossen C., Bronx, NY 4.50

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I am impressed with the quality of the kit, it fit very well but because the chrome sticker is a little stiff there were small parts that were hard to install. The large parts like the e-brake and shifter surround were surprisingly easy. Good dash kit.
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Rdash Volkswagen Beetle 2006-2010 Dash Kits
by Marian C, Stanton CA 5.00

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Forgot order number I received it at mid June.

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This is a really great product. The price is reasonable, the quality is excellent and the installation is seamless.

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This is a really great product. The price is reasonable, the quality is excellent and the installation is seamless. Working on covering/restoring a 2005 VW Beetle interior that was very neglected has been an extremely challenging task however with the rvinyl dash kit it has saved me the time and money of replacing all these hard to find parts. The kit was a true match/size to the dash and interior components. I will also be ordering a sheet of the material to cover some unsightly damage to the interior. This vehicle is definitely a work in progress but this product has made it a little less painful. Will absolutely recommend this product to my buddies. Make: Volkswagon Model: New Beetle Year: 2005

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4.75 | 6 Reviews