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    Rwraps® Desert camouflage wraps are based on the US armed forces' Desert camouflage Uniform or DCU pattern. Our Desert camouflage films feature a four toned desert camouflage pattern (as opposed to the DCUs three-tone pattern) of dark brown, beige, tan and light green. Further differentiating this Rwraps® camouflage vinyl is the fact that each shape has a subtle outline to give the appearance of depth and make it even more effective in actual desert surroundings. Especially designed for DIY use this high-quality vinyl wrapping film is made using triple-ply technology with pressure sensitive, air-egress adhesives to give you a professional, bubble free result. And, even though it has been made with the hobbyist in mind, professional vehicle wrap installers use it just the same which is why we offer it in rolls of up to ten yards in length and in three convenient widths of twelve, twenty-four and sixty inches.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rwraps-CAM-008

    Rwraps™ Desert Camo Wrap Features

    • Desert camouflage pattern
    • Adhesive backed, bubble-free ready to apply film
    • Heat conformable for extreme curves and wraps
    • 3 mil thick (.0042") blends seamlessly with application area
    • Warranty backed, durable and UV stable
    • Perfect for hunting, fishing, ATV, vehicle and boating applications
    • Available in 12, 24, and 60" widths

    Realistic Desert Camouflage Pattern

    Rwraps™ Desert Camouflage vinyl takes its inspiration from the Desert Camouflage Uniform which was first tested as an experimental pattern in 1989. Although it is officially known as Desert Camouflage, the DCU's pattern has also been aptly described as coffee stain camo. The US military's development of there tri-color desert pattern came about as a replacement for its previous six-colored desert camouflage affectionately known as "chocolate-chip" camouflage which was considered ineffective for use in most desert theatres of operation. In contrast to the original six tone DBDU, which was designed for the rockier terrain of the high-desert, the DCU pattern was redesigned for use in the geographical regions of Iraq and Kuwait. As a result, samples of soil from these arid regions of the Middle East were used to determine the necessary color palettes for the Desert Camouflage.

    Rwraps™ Camouflage Wraps Are Ready to Roll

    Rwraps™ Desert Camouflage vinyl wrap film comes to your door ready for action. The twelve inch wide rolls are perfect for wrap the cargo racks, fenders and mirrors of your truck or SUV. Just imagine how cool your ride will look with strategically wrapped panels and trim in Desert Camouflage! For larger wrapping jobs you'll want to move up a size to the 24 inch width. The four-color, non-repeating pattern of our Desert Camouflage film is ideal for wrapping your vehicle's interior trim, ATV body or even your pontoon boat railings (hey, if the US Coast Guard uses DCU patterns why can't you?). And, of course, when you're looking for a complete vehicle wrap of you are looking to complete an architectural application like a booth at a conference or the walls of your man cave, the sixty inch wide size of our desert camouflage vinyl is exactly what you need.

    Made for the DIY Installer

    The popularity of Desert Camouflage doesn't appear to be waning and as conflicts in the arid regions of the world continue we can expect to see more surplus stores carrying variations on the DCU theme. Cut out the middle men and buy directly from the source and you can get to wrapping just about anything you can imagine. Sure, these wraps were originally designed with vehicles in mind but you can use them on any hard, non-porous surface you can imagine. No need for messy primers or additional fluids, simply clean the surface of whatever you want to wrap and apply. Use a razor to cut away any excess film and you're done. What could be easier or better looking?

    At Rvinyl, we make it our job to help our customers customize their life with a variety of vinyl wraps and accessories of all styles, colors and sizes. Whether you're looking for a camouflage wrap to redo your hunting cabin's interior, to wrap your Suburban or just to add a personalized touch to your motorcycle, we've got the vinyl you need at prices you can't beat. And, when you send us in photos of your applications you could be eligible for our instant cash back rebate program. So, what are you waiting for? Mount up and get to wrapping soldier!

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