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    Dodge Neon 2000-2002 tail light tint is a precut film kit designed to smoke your OEM lights. This film cover kit will transform your factory lights by giving them a stealthy modified look at a fraction of the price of having your lights tinted. From a subtle smoke to extreme blackouts, Rtint™ products are the only film cover made for Dodge Neon 2000-2002 that are available in a non-permanent removable application.

    Fitment Years: 2000, 2001, 2002
    Manufacturer Part Number: TT-DOD-NEO-00

    Rtint™ Dodge Neon 2000-2002 Tail Light Tint Features

    • Custom smoked tail light film covers
    • Made-to-order and machine cut for both driver and passenger side
    • Installation guides in text and video format available online
    • Give your ride a true, custom look in less than an hour
    • Tail light covers apply like wraps with only a minimum of trimming required
    • 3-year warranty against cracking, peeling and fading on every tint sold

    Tail light tints are precut to fit your vehicle and require only a minimum of trimming. Available in a range of colors and shades you can choose from smoke, mate smoke, gloss blackout, JDM-inspired yellow, HID-style blue and many, many more. Along with our unparalleled selection of tint films we also work hard to bring you the fastest turn around in the business meaning that most orders ship within 24 hours and usually arrive within three to five business days. When you want smoked tail lights

    In addition to the incredible selection of Dodge Neon 2000-2002 tail light tint finishes and the fast service we offer we have also taken the time to craft some of the most complete installation instructions anywhere. And, for those who would rather see it being done than read about it, we have a selection of installation videos and installed example galleries for you to browse. Finally, if you still have a question or concern that hasn't been addressed in our text or video guides we invite you to contact us seven days a week by chat or email.

    At we have tried to make the installation of tail light tint kits as easy to understand as possible and, even though they are not required, we do suggest that every installer, from DIY enthusiast to pro, use the correct tools and fluids for the job. What this means for you is that you should be sure to have a squeegee with friction sleeve as well as Rapid Prep and Rapid Tac solutions at hand before you take the tints out of the sealed, poly bag.

    Rtint® Smoked Films come in 14 different shades of smoke. The darkness of the shade is measured in a VLT (Variable Light Transmission) percentatge. This number measures the amount of light that can be transmitted through the tint naturally with no backlighting coming from a bulb. The higher the number, the the brighter the light will be that is allowed to pass through and the least amount of effective it will have on light output. The lower the number, the darker your light will appear. It works opposite of window tint VLT as you are trying to make the light appear darker on the outside rather than from the inside. Rtint® Smoke film, which is by far our most popular shade, will smoke your lights by about 38% while still allowing 62% of light to enter the housing. It will not block 38% of backlighting coming from a bulb, but will certainly have an affect on light output.

    • Blackout Smoke Tint: 5% VLT
    • Blue Smoke Tint: 30% VLT
    • Clear Protection Film: 99% VLT
    • Chameleon Smoke Tint: 85% VLT
    • Green Smoke Tint: 75% VLT
    • Matte Smoke Tint: 10% VLT
    • Midnight Static Cling Smoke Tint: 33% VLT
    • Neon Smoke Tint: 87% VLT
    • Orange Smoke Tint: 82% VLT
    • Pink Smoke Tint: 46% VLT
    • Purple Smoke Tint: 56% VLT
    • Red Smoke Tint: 17% VLT
    • Smoke Tint: 38% VLT
    • Yellow Smoke Tint: 85% VLT

    Product Requirement and Fitment Notes:

    • Dodge Neon 2000-2002

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