Door Sill Protection Kits

Protect your car door sills from your daily life. You don't want to ruin your car's paint due to carelessly getting in after a long day's work. When you protect your door sills with a high-quality Door Sill Guard, you protect them from the years of wear and tear they will experience from you and your passengers getting in and out of the car. Dirt from boots is not longer an issue. Scratches from heels are a thing of the past. Claw marks from your fur babies are no longer a worry. Protect your Door Sill paint from your daily life. Our Door Sill Guards are made from the same strong protective film material as our clear bras. These optically clear films are designed to protect your paint without altering the look of your vehicle.

Door Cup Paint Protection Kits

What Do These Door Sill Kits Protect Against?

  • High Heels
  • Boots
  • Peg Legs
  • Mud
  • Pet Claws
  • Dust
  • Chemicals
  • UV Rays
  • Land Sharks
  • Sand

Choose from Four Great Brands of Door Sill Protector Film

We want you to have your pick of the best in PPF kits to protect your truck's Bed Rails which is why we bring you the best of the best in paint protection. Choose from these four brands:

  •  Avery Dennison™ SPF-XI Door Sills
  • 3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series Film Door Sill Protection
  • HEXIS Body Fence Door Sill Guards
  • ORAGUARD Stone Guard Film Door Sill Guard

How Long Will Door Sill PPF Kits Last?

Avery SPF-XI and 3M Pro Series Door Protection kits are rated to last up to 10 years whereas you can count on ORAGUARD and HEXIS to last for at least seven years.

Are Door Sill Protection Kits Wraps Easy to Install?

Of course, it goes without saying that the relative ease of installation depends on how experienced you are installing PPF. Regardless, these are some of the most straightforward protection kits to install given the relatively flat area of installation.