Fiat Cinquecento Precut Window Tint Installs

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The Return of the Cinquecento

With its acquisition of Chrysler, Fiat has re-entered the US market in a big way and the venerable 500 is anything but boring and banal. With the sub-compact segment picking up speed, Fiat's Cinquecento joins the pack of stylish and mean little entries like Ford's Fiesta, Nissan's Juke and Chevy's Sonic to make a big splash in a little way.

Retro-Styling in a Little Package

Part of the Cinquecento's success will be relying on the appeal of its retro aesthetic. Although it integrates modern amenities and conveniences inside and out, it does it in a retro-adorable fashion that's typical of the 500's design history and philosophy. In fact, even the naming of its trim levels is quirky and cute — the base trim is called Pop with the next level up being the Sport.

Regardless of whether you have the Pop or Sport, it only makes sense to add a DIY, precut window tint kit to your Fiat not only for the look but to protect your interior and passengers as well. Sure, everyone knows that the sun's UV radiation causes cancer and that it's always a good idea to cover up but did you know that ultraviolet rays cause damage to the dashboard and upholstery of your ride too? Just compare a vehicle's interior that's never been tinted with one that has and you'll se the difference that sun damage makes.

Order-by-Picture Fiat Window Tint

If you've ever wondered how we get so many customer rebate photos we'll share our secret with you: we make it ridiculously easy to order and install our products. When it comes to precut window tint, this is especially so. We spent years working on our site until we arrived at our order-by-picture interface which allows you to pick the window tint sections you need for your Fiat 500 in the VLT you want. It's literally so easy a kid could do it and if you don't believe us give a 5 year old your credit card and click on the photo above.

Thanks Daniel!

Thanks go out to Daniel for his awesome installed photos of his 20% VLT precut window tint kit on his 2014 Fiat 500. Not only did he do a great job on installation and taking photos but he also even edited out his own license plate and threw in the Rvinyl logo! Pretty sweet and much appreciated. So, whether you're in the market for a precut window tint, a dash kit or a pair of headlight covers be sure to check out our site and don't forget to submit your photos like Daniel for our $20 Cash Back rebate!

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