About Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Fog light Tint

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross daytime running light kits give you a custom look that will have people thinking you paid much more than you actually did. These precut kits will shorten installation time and protect your lights from the ravages of the road, UV radiation and oxidation.

No special tools or fluids are required to successfully install your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross fog kit but they certainly help and make your job much easier. For this very reason, we carry a large selection of application tools and fluids such as squeegees, razors and Rapid Tac fluids which can be bundled with your order to increase your savings and save you time.

Now that you have made your choice to go with an Rtint precut Fog light cover you may want to consider how you will install it. Although no tools or fluids are required to install your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross kit, they are highly recommended to help you get the best results. Some of the suggested tools for smoke Fog light installation are burnishing tools, squeegees, razors and Rapid Tac fluid which helps to reposition the tint during installation.

Whenever you buy a product online it’s only natural that you want to see as many photos of it as possible before you purchase it. This is partly why we offer our photo rebate on every tinted Rtint product we offer. When you send us qualifying photos of your item installed you can receive up to $20 back as a refund. It’s a win-win: you get your money back and we get to show potential customers how good our products actually look.

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